Podcast #1 How To Overcome Procrastination

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Why is procrastination a relevant subject for small businesses? Because their time is precious, they need to make the most of every available hour that they can. Learning how to overcome procrastination is a skill every business owner and entrepreneur should have.


<ul><li> 1. Why Do Businesses Fail Podcast #1 HOW TO START OVERCOMING PROCRASTINATION TODAY </li></ul> <p> 2. HOW TO OVERCOME PROCRASTINATION What does procrastination have to do with running a successful business? It takes valuable time away from important activities You do the unimportant things first and the important things last and create all sorts of problem for you and yourself, which affects your cash flow, your profit and your success Deadlines get missed and you could end up losing accounts and clients, disappointing customers, getting a bad reputation and bankrupt your business Worse case scenario is you could destroy your business Best case scenario is you could lose a lot of personal productivity 3. HOW TO OVERCOME PROCRASTINATION Can I change my procrastination habits? Yes you can but it takes determination, practice and persistence Identify your weaknesses ie the when, why, where, and how of procrastination Do you procrastinate about particular projects? Why? Do you procrastinate about going to particular meetings or dealing with particular people? Are there specific skills that seem to recur with your procrastinating habits? Ie I always procrastinate writing new articles because I think Im not a good writer or I get writers block Identify your weak points and write them down so you can work on them 4. HOW TO OVERCOME PROCRASTINATION How can I change my habits? Discover the why in your weak points? Why do I always procrastinate when I have to speak in public? The answer is you might be afraid of speaking in public so make a conscious choice to over come this fear by taking on more speaking engagements and gigs. The more you speak the easier it becomes. Keep yourself accountable. If you are the owner it is easier to procrastinate when we dont have to report to someone. Find someone, a mentor, a spouse, a partner or friend who you can remain accountable to and each week discuss what you did or didnt do and work through any issues together. 5. HOW TO OVERCOME PROCRASTINATION How can I change my habits? Remind yourself of the consequences if you dont do it (these are negative consequences). Also remind yourself of the positive consequences too. For example, if I solve this problem now Ill have time later to do more of the fun stuff that I really enjoy doing. Break down any task that you are procrastinating about into smaller steps. It is much easier to procrastinate about a larger project than a small task. Breaking it down into smaller tasks will not only help you stop procrastinating but make accomplishing large projects less daunting. 6. HOW TO OVERCOME PROCRASTINATION Remember: Procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday Napoleon Hill </p>


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