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  • 1.Based on the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK) 5th editionABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.1

2. Course Instructor: Abdullah Ahmed Al-Khadrawy. BSc. Civil Engineering 2006 (V.Good HD). Graduation Project (Project Management) 2006.(Excellent graded) Certified from Primavera Inc. : Advanced user for Primavera P6 (2008). Certified from Primavera Inc. : Advanced user for primavera Contract Manager 12 (2009). Attended courses (PMP, CCE, FIDIC, Project Management, Arbitration for Engineering Contracts) [2007-2013] Certified from PMI as PMP April2011ABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.2 3. ABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.3 4. - Purpose of the PMBOK Guide. - What is a Project? - What is Project Management?Introduction- Relationships Among Portfolio Management, Program - Management, Project Management, and Organizational Project Management. - Relationship Between Project Management, Operations Management, and Organizational Strategy. - Business Value. - Role of the Project Manager. - Project Management Body of Knowledge. ABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.4 5. Purpose of the PMBOK Guide. * Generally recognized. * Good practice. * The PMBOK Guide also provides and promotes a common vocabulary within the project management profession for using and applying project management concepts. * Code of ethics.ABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.5 6. A Project PMI Definition: A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result.May be divided into sub-projects (phases)ABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.6 7. A Project * Finite: start and end date * Interrelated tasks * Has one or more clear objectives which are strategically aligned and whose achievement will add value to the organization * Unique deliverables based on a Business Need * Progressive elaboration.Progressive elaborationABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.7 8. A4A ProjectABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.8 9. Slide 8 A4mind storming map ABDULLAH; 24/10/2013 10. PROJECT MANAGEMENT * The application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. * Accomplished through the appropriate application and integration of the 47 logically grouped project management processes. * Process Groups are: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and ClosingABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.9 11. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Monitoring & Controlling Processes Planning ProcessesInitiating ProcessesClosing ProcessesExecuting ProcessesABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.10 12. Knowledge Areas 4. Project Integration ManagementProject Management Process Groups Initiating Process GroupPlanning Process Group4.1 Develop4.2 Develop ProjectProject CharterExecuting Process Group 4.3 Direct and Manage Project WorkManagement PlanMonitoring and Controlling4.4 Monitor and 4.6 Close Project or Control Project Work Phase5.1 Plan Scope4.5 Perform Integrated Change Control 5.5 Validate ScopeManagement5. Project Scope ManagementClosing Process Group5.6 Control Scope5.2 Collect Requirements 5.3 Define Scope 5.4 Create WBS6. Project Time Management6.1 Plan Schedule6.7 ControlManagementSchedule6.2 Define Activities 6.3 Sequence Activities 6.4 Estimate Activity Resources 6.5 Estimate Activity Durations 6.6 Develop Schedule7. Project Cost Management7.1 Plan Cost7.4 Control CostsManagement 7.2 Estimate Costs 7.3 Determine Budget8. Project Quality Management8.1 Plan Quality Management8.2 Perform Quality Assurance9. Project Human Resource9.1 Plan Human Resource Management9.2 Acquire ProjectManagement8.3 Control QualityTeam 9.3 Develop Project Team 9.4 Manage Project Team10. Project Communications Management10.1 Plan Communications Management11. Project Risk Management10.2 Manage Communications11.1 Plan Risk10.3 Control Communications11.6 Control RisksManagement 11.2 Identify Risks 11.3 Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis 11.4 Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis 11.5 Plan Risk Responses12. Project Procurement Management 13. Project Stakeholder Management12.1 Plan Procurement Management 13.1 Identify Stakeholders12.2 Conduct12.3 Control12.4 CloseProcurementsProcurementsProcurements13.2 Plan Stakeholder Management13.3 Manage Stakeholder Engagement13.4 Control Stakeholder EngagementABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.11 13. Portfolios, Programs, and Projects Process "a systematic series of activities directed towards causing an end result such that one or more inputs will be acted upon to create one or more outputs" An Operation - an organizational function performing the ongoing activities that produce the same product or provide a repetitive service Business Value entire value of the businessABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.12 14. Portfolios, Programs, and Projects Project - "a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result! Program "a group of related projects, subprograms and program activities managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not obtainable from managing them individually" Portfolio - "projects, programs, sub portfolios and operations managed as a group to achieve strategic objectives not necessarily directly related" ABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.13 15. Portfolios, Programs, and ProjectsOrganizational strategy & goalsABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.14 16. Portfolios, Programs, and Projects Portfolio - "projects, programs, sub portfolios and operations managed as a group to achieve strategic objectives not necessarily directly related"ABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.15 17. Portfolios, Programs, and Projects Program "a group of related projects, subprograms and program activities managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not obtainable from managing them individually"ABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.16 18. Portfolios, Programs, and Projects Organizational Project Management "strategy execution framework utilizing project, program, and portfolio management as well as organizational enabling practices to consistently and predictably deliver organizational strategy producing better performance, better results, and a sustainable competitive advantage.Organizational Project Management Maturity Model OPM3 ABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.17 19. Portfolios, Programs, and Projects Organizational Project Management ABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.18 20. Organizational Project Management Projects Narrow scope specified deliverablesPortfolios, Programs, and ProjectsProgrammes Portfolios Wide scope Outcomes Business Scope aligned to measured in benefits, strategic direction flex to ambiguity suit PM manages change PgM expects and embraces PoM monitors broad control ; controls change internal and external changes environments Success -> Project Success -> New Success -> aggregate Performance criteria Capabilities through performance of portfolio transition and embedding, elements Benefits Leadership style Leadership style Leadership influential, directive, authoritative influential, relationship Board decision making, centered; stakeholder internal and external engagement relationship building PM manages PgM manages project PoM manages portfolio staff specialists managers PM motivates using PgM motivates via Leaders ideas, innovation, own knowledge and Programme Vision, synthesis, inspiration, pull skills; team focus Leadership, winning hearts leadership and minds, Relationships Detailed planning; High level planning; Business planning; strategic stage focus Programme focus focus Monitor team through Monitors projects through Monitors aggregate Team Managers; the Governance structure in performance; value monitor and control is a place, including Quality indicators; early warning key task for the Project Assurance and maybe, systems; Portfolio dashoards Manager Programme Assurance requiring Program reportsABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.19 21. Projects and Strategic Planning - Market demand - Business need / Strategic opportunity - Customer request / social need - Technological advance - Legal requirement - Environmental Need reduce wasteABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.20 22. PMOProjects,(Programs) Management, OfficeABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.21 23. PMOABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.22 24. PMO Return Of InvestmentABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.23 25. PMOCan be a main stakeholder and a Key decision maker - There are three main types: Supportive consultative role supplies templates, best practice, training, lessons learnt; has low control Controlling consultative role supplies templates, best practice, training, lessons learnt requires compliance and has moderate control Directive consultative role supplies templates, best practice, training, lessons learnt takes control, manages projects directly and has high controlABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.24 26. PMOintegrates data and information from corporate strategic projects and evaluates how higher level strategic objectives are being fulfilled. Supportivethe natural liaison (link) between the organizations portfolios, programs, projects, and the corporate measurement systems (e.g. balanced scorecard). May have the authority to act as an integral stakeholder and a key decision maker throughout the life of each project, make recommendations, or to terminate projects or take other actions, as required, to remain aligned with the business objectives. may be involved in the selection, management, and deployment of shared or dedicated project resources.ABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.25 27. PMO(e.g. balanced scorecard).ABDULLAH ALKHADRAWY, PMP - PMBOK 5TH.26 28. PMOPMO is to support project managers Managing shared resources across all projects administered by the PMO; Identifying and developing project management methodology, best practices, and standards; Coaching, mentoring, training, and oversight; Monitoring compliance with proj