Plants by rodrigo and samuel

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  • 1. Plants give us... 1. food. 2. medicine. 3. clothes. 4. and the oxygen.They have different processes : 1.nutrition. 2.Interaction. 3.Reproduction.We can classify plants into : - Bushes - Trees - Grass

2. Plants have male and female reproductive organs: 1. Male: stamens 2. Female: carpel or pistil1. Stamens produce pollen. 2. Pistil or carpel produce ovules. 3. Animal pollonation is carried out by birds and insects.colorful petals attract animals to fiower to drink nectar. Wind pollination is used out by plants which dont have colourful petals to attract animals. 4. Fertilation is the union of a agrain of pollen and an ovule. 1-The seed grows and grows in the carpel. 2-The seed becomes a small fruit. 3-The fruit gets bigger and bigger and the petals fall down. 5. Photosynthesis is the proces which plants make their own food . They need water , minerals,carbon dioxide and sunlight.It is colled sab or glucose .