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<ol><li> 1. Pinterest inDigitalMarketing g g 1st March 2012 While e-commerce brands may see more tangible benefits, Pinterest can be a powerful tool for any brand since marketing materials constitute its content, said John Donahue,yg,, director of business strategy at the social media agency Socialistic. Your experts, your visionaries, your creatives now have this platform to syndicate content that is interesting to them, to help brands [tell their story], he said.1 </li><li> 2. DEMOGRAPHICSPinterest UserbyAgeGroupPinterest UserbySex2 </li><li> 3. 5WAYSTOUSEPINTEREST FORYOURBUSINESS1) Use Pinterest to Conduct Market Research Test your product in the market, use audience respond to evaluate it. Whichproducts they re-pin and how they react about it. Look over your target audience, see what they interest in their pin boards audience boards.2) Use Pinterest to Sell Products By adding $ or IDR in your product images you can sell your products Not only for images,products.brand awareness, but also until transaction happened, just linking your image withyour website.3) U Pi t Use Pinterest t Off Exclusive C t t t to Offer E l i Contest You can built more attention on Pinterest with your audience. Not only using yourpinboard, but also you can ask audience to browse about your products and link tothem. Unique isn tthem Unique, isnt it?3 </li><li> 4. 5WAYSTOUSEPINTEREST FORYOURBUSINESS4) Use Pinterest to Stylize Your Brand Use pinboard to represent your brand personification. You can follow and also re- pin other pinboards that reflect to your brand.brand5) Use Pinterest to Build Relationships Y can use pinboard to b ild relationship with your audience. B il a pinboard that Youi b d build l ihi ihdiBuilt i b d h contains about tips or other directions or wise. to use pinterest for business/http://60secondmarketer com/blog/2012/02/21/how-to-use-pinterest-for-business/ 4</li></ol>