Pinterest: Can A Social Media Marketing Coach Utilize It?

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  • 1. Pinterest: Can A Social Media Marketing Coach Utilize It?

2. When it comes to the fastest growing social media outlets in recent memory, I would like to think that Pinterest more than holds its own. While it may not be nearly on the same level of Facebook or Twitter in terms of universal appeal, it is clear that it has grown leaps and bounds. I believe that this is tremendous, especially when you think about the number of sites that struggle with gaining visibility. Is it possible that a social media marketing coach can come into effect to make utilization more effective? 3. First of all, you have to think about just how much Pinterest has grown ever since its inception more than three years ago. One would think that the site would have grown substantially since that point, making it a rival to others in terms of networking. However, it wasn't until January of 2012 that the site has managed to double its user base. The fact that said user base is comprised of 80% women goes to show just how much appeal there is to this particular site. 4. Being able to use Pinterest for the sake of business may seem like a stretch to the general public. After all, how can a site that specializes mostly in the pinning of various graphics become a platform that can help a company expand? Well, Ione of the ways that I can see this happening is through the engagement of fans that already belong on previous network channels. By this account, one could take Facebook fans and Twitter followers alike before recommending them to their Pinterest page, which only helps the brand that much more. 5. It's apparent that these channels can be put to use but what about interaction to be seen later on? Pinterest can help a number of different brands as long as graphics are appropriate and prove to be pleasing to the eye. A social media marketing coach can see the potential behind this website and how important visual engagement is in the long term. As I'm sure that authorities such as S-M-M-C would be able to support as well, the addition of comments and replies to pin only helps that much more. 6. I believe that Pinterest has grown so much as a website, not only for leisurely purposes but business ones as well. One can see that the site has built such a strong reputation for itself in the past and I think that it goes to show. Pinterest has a user base that even Facebook and Twitter alike would be impressed with. Even if most users would like to get lost in pinning random images and finding recipes, to name a couple of examples, a social media marketing coach can see how the infrastructure may help brands. 7.