Philip cottrell spain give on page seo tips to boost your ranking

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  1. 1. Philip Cottrell Spain Give On- Page SEO Tips to Boost Your Ranking This competitive internet world creates a need of effective leverage for struggler and small businesses that are struggling to pick a reputed space on the internet. Larger entrepreneur always tries to retain their position on top and for this they drag out small firm from competition. Philip Cottrell Spain suggests SEO technique to boost your online position but stay alert before implement anything on a website. Search engine optimization, basically we use two
  2. 2. It has become very essential activity to capture reliable authority online, help in brand building, traffic creation and last but not least profit. Google updates, mostly in 2014 dramatically shifted the position of many website due to changes, so Philip Cottrell Gibraltar suggest to use advance on-page technique for profit earning. Here are top five on-page SEO works that help to boot ranking. Continue to next slide
  3. 3. 1. Dont play with keyword Keyword selection is very important to freeze your position online because it still part of the SEO
  4. 4. 3. URL optimization URL path is important way for crawler to find your page path easily. The content URL should informative to match the actual meaning of the content on the page. Phil Cottrell also becomes expert in URL optimization and recently he optimized his new website. 4. Write to read, not for rank Most website writer write SEO friendly content to rank well online but crawler love to read informative content. Do not write for rank, write to read because an effective and interesting content contain a keyword and phrases are helpful to index your page automatically. 5. Internal Linking SEO arsenal is incomplete without useful internal links. It not only get easier path to visitor to navigate each door of your website rather crawler also comfortably understand the content of rest pages. Placing right linking within your website and enhance website visibility.