Personalisation - Irene Kalkanis

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This presentation was given by Irene Kalkanis at Mezzo Labs' "Getting Ahead in Web Analytics" event in February 2014. It covers the tools and techniques that use web analytics data to personalise the online customer experience.

Text of Personalisation - Irene Kalkanis

  • 1.Personalisation How to treat your online customers like real people Irene Kalkanis, February 2014

2. Well find out Why personalisation is important How youre already half way there The different types of personalisation How to monetise personalisation 3. The internet gives you a new opportunity to show a different store front to different customers based on what you already know about them 4. Customers give you a lot of information about themselves New visitors Existing customers Device & browser type Existing customers give us extra: Geographic location Buying history What they were searching for Browsing history How they were referred to your site Preferences and personal settings In session browsing history Demographic information (gender, age, birthday) Current clicking behaviour CRM information (e.g. what they bought in branch) Context: time of day / seasonality / weather 5. Types of personalisation Prescriptive Personalisation Visitors are broken down into predefined segments Different business rules are set up for each segment Visitors get a different experience depending on which segment they fall into Source: 6. Adaptive Personalisation Visitor behaviour is constantly monitored Business rules are continually evolving based on behaviour Visitors get a different experience depending on their own personal behaviour Types of personalisation 7. Targeted advertising By knowing your customer you can sell to them more effectively Use CRM data, previous purchases, and behavioural data to create segments Increase conversions by advertising products targeted to those segments 8. Summary 1. Personalisation lets you treat your customer as an individual 2. Most companies already have much of the data they need to provide a personalised experience 3. Aside from giving your customer a better experience, personalisation allows you to target customers and increase conversions