Pardot Elevate 2011 (slides): Developing Customer-centric Content (by Brainrider)

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Text of Pardot Elevate 2011 (slides): Developing Customer-centric Content (by Brainrider)

  • 1. Developing Customer-Centric Content: A Better B2B Marketing ClinicTo make todays session more practical we are looking for real-life examples from people in this room. If you are interested in participating in the clinic please give us your business card.
  • 2. You Are Lets DefineHere Better Driven by objectives Customer-focused Demonstrating Subject Matter Expertise Supporting your programs Measuring performance
  • 3. Better content is not aboutyou
  • 4. Customers Want Content That Helps Them Solve Problems
  • 5. Aligned To Their Decision Making If your Define The Evaluate Negotiatecustomerwants to: Problem Alternatives & CommitThey are Education Solution Credentials & looking & Thought & Product Decision for: Leadership Suitability Support Need & Gap How to buy Connect Trends & Assessments Credentials With Statistics Solution Real case-useThem By News & Analyst comparisons studies Sharing coverage Subject Implementation ROI/TCO Matter Benchmarks plans How to buildExpertise 101 Education Product their business roadmaps case
  • 6. Checklist For Better Content Be Customer- Focused Start with Light Content Make It Findable Measure What Works
  • 7. 1. Be Customer-Focused
  • 8. 1. Be Customer-Focused
  • 9. 2. Start With Light Content Light Content Leverage as is Already approved content Lower cost Repurpose existing Less effort content Faster to produce Use light formats More to measure Curate and share 3rd party content
  • 10. Leverage As-Is Content Existing Brochure 4 Pages of Relevant & Valuable Subject Matter Expertise Resource Center Slideshare LinkedIn
  • 11. Repurpose Existing Content Asset/Topic Category Format SOURCE ASSET: Mobile Resource Management Solutions: DS_MRM_SolutionsBro_FINAL.pdf Managing mobile resources (MRM): 5 Route Planning 1-page pitfalls operators face planning, tracking, download routing, & dispatching mobile resources Routing, dispatch, & mobile tracking Route Planning Checklist Brochure software: What to look for in an MRM Repurposed solution Into 6 Light Mobile Resource Management: 8 Performance Resource benefits of a comprehensive planning, Management postContent Assets tracking, routing, & dispatching solution SaaS MRM: The Advantages To A Performance Resource Software as a Service Approach for Management post operations & logistics specialists Logistics and supply chain management: Performance Blog post update on mobile technology Management Logistics software: how to integrate the Performance 1-page power of real-time planning and wireless Management download mobile technology
  • 12. Curate & Share 3rd Party Content Deploy and Measure Engagement Extract & TrackMonitor & Cull
  • 13. 3. Make It Findable Use Keywords In Your Title Describe why its worth reading Use images and graphics for key concepts Headers & lists make your copy scan-able For More Information Links
  • 14. 4. Measure What Works Pageviews Avg. Time on SitePages per visit Gated Downloads Identify Better Performing Content For Your Programs
  • 15. Better Content Clinic Be Customer- Focused Start with Light Content Make It Findable Measure What Works
  • 16. Clinic: Navigation by customer need is smart developing prospects Feature more resources on home page Carousel is flash no SEO Dedicated resource center Resources organized by format No featured resources on resource center homepage Sidebar offers limited for more information featured content Content titles are customer-focused Need keyword-rich descriptions, excerpts & thumbnails Needs 5-10X more content to drive better SEO, showcase subject matter expertise, and maximize opt-in
  • 17. GoGrid
  • 18. Resources For Better B2B Marketing Go to get a free better B2B marketing checklist and enter to win a full marketing audit For more information: