Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Suite Tips and Tricks

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Get the most out of Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Suite by learning some of the latest tips and tricks for optimizing your solution. Chris Barbieri, Edgewater Ranzal Vice President, Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) Practice, offers advice on how to improve system performance, build in advanced functionality, perform customizations, and integrate with other leading Oracle and non-Oracle solutions.


  • 1. Tips and TricksOracle Hyperion Financial Close SuiteChris BarbieriVice PresidentSeptember 2014

2. Copyright 2014 EEddggeewwaatteerr RRaannzzaallFocusServicesPeopleMethodologyCustomersPartnership15 Years700+ clients1000+ projects 3. 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Create a master parent Flag only base entities IsICP and AllowsAdjs Use base entities near the parents tocapture high level adjustments Parent intercompany entities cause twoproblems Inconsistency between alternatehierarchies Intercompany matching report canTranslate, but not Consolidate ICPTemp Unidentified partner still eliminates Easy to see in validation reportCopyright 2014 EEddggeewwaatteerr RRaannzzaall 5. Retains audit trail directly back to source ledgersBridge between GAAPs by using adjustment buckets.Use adjustment buckets to move between GAAP and Non-GAAPAdd adjustment categories as you need.Track discontinued operation projects separately through journal entries.Allocations can be calculated in HFM. Separate each to see incrementaleffects.HFM performs intercompany eliminations automatically. You can see valuespre- and post- elimination at all entity levels.Top side journal adjustments that dont fit into the local GL.Post close journal adjustments that should have gone into the GL but wentinto HFM instead. These reverse out automatically.Forms and Smart View use this for supplemental data.FDM re-loads will preserve this (FDM Data Protection).Store only General Ledger values here.FDM re-loads will only clear this member.Copyright 2014 EEddggeewwaatteerr RRaannzzaall 6. and are independent Changes in one do not notifythe other Both dynamically aggregate to But calculates before Copyright 2014 EEddggeewwaatteerr RRaannzzaallIf sPovValue = ThenHS.Exp A#Ratio = A#ABC.V# / A#DEF.V#End If 7. Copyright 2014 EEddggeewwaatteerr RRaannzzaallNoDataNoData NoDataABC = 10DEF = 2NoDataABC = 10DEF = 2Ratio = NoDataABC = 10DEF = 2NoDataABC = 10DEF = 2Ratio = 5Load ABC and DEFConsolidate 8. ABC = 10DEF = 2DEF = 6ABC = 10DEF = 8Ratio = 5 ABC = 10Copyright 2014 EEddggeewwaatteerr RRaannzzaallDEF = 2DEF = 6ABC = 10DEF = 8Ratio = 1.25ConsolidateForce it:ABC = 10DEF = 6DEF = 2Consolidate All With Data ABC = 10DEF = 8Ratio = 5 9. Change the target POV status to impacted (yellow)Copyright 2014 EEddggeewwaatteerr RRaannzzaall 10. Copyright 2014 EEddggeewwaatteerr RRaannzzaall Roll-forwards Anytime December changes, notify the same entity-Value for January Dont run for entities or Value members that had no datain December Copy rules Anytime Actual changes, notify the various Forecast orRestatement scenarios You create a dependency/link between the years orscenarios Do not use this across entities or value members! 11. December 2014CHCH CHJanuary 2015Copyright 2014 EEddggeewwaatteerr RRaannzzaallNoDataNoData NoDataLoad and adjustDecember 12. December 2014 January 2015OKOK OKCopyright 2014 EEddggeewwaatteerr RRaannzzaallConsolidateDecember toimpact JanuaryCHCH CHIf Hs.Period.IsLast = True And Hs.Entity.IsBase = True ThenHS.ImpactStatus P#First.Y#NextEnd If 13. December 2014 January 2015Copyright 2014 EEddggeewwaatteerr RRaannzzaallOKOK OKOKOK OKConsolidateJanuary andpull-forwardDecemberIf Hs.Period.IsFirst = True And Hs.Entity.IsBase = True ThenHS.EXP A#OpeningBalance = A#EndingBalance.P#Last.Y#PriorEnd If 14. Dont load zeros!!! Or calculate or consolidate them Leave the cell empty Or HS.Clear it if you are about to write a zero Or load NODATA Determines how HFM interprets the missing zero Actuals: Year-to-date Capture prior period adjustments Budget, Forecast, Plan: Periodic Expenses and revenue are planned by month Reports and Smart View can optionally display a zeroCopyright 2014 EEddggeewwaatteerr RRaannzzaall 15. Periodic = no activity this period, bringforward last periodYear-To-Date = balance is Zero now, soPeriodic negates prior period balance Applies to Profit & Loss, cash flow only Balance sheet accounts do not get carried forward Periodic amount factors into translation Data entry and journals are independent but should be treated the sameCopyright 2014 EEddggeewwaatteerr RRaannzzaall 16. Object naming schemesCopyright 2014 EEddggeewwaatteerr RRaannzzaall Variables Rule Sets Rule Objects Descriptions Captions CommentsPrefix Purpose Examples String sPOVEntityb Boolean bIsBaseEntityi Integer iPOVPeriodf Floating Point fData 17. Chris Barbiericbarbieri@ranzal.comNeedham, MAUSA+1.617.480.6173www.ranzal.comCopyright 2014 EEddggeewwaatteerr RRaannzzaall