Open Storyworlds for Brand Marketing DIYDAYS LA Friday 28 th October 2011, Los Angeles Robert Pratten CEO & Founder, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd

Open Storyworlds for Brand Marketing

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Open Storyworlds for Brand MarketingDIYDAYS LA

Friday 28th October 2011, Los Angeles

Robert PrattenCEO & Founder, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd

Robert PrattenCEO & Founder, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd

This presentation

• Applying transmedia storytelling to commercial problems

• Why open storyworlds are great for brand experiences

Brand options in entertainment• Product placement

– product is dropped into shot; better if product benefits integrated into story

• Branded entertainment– entertainment that aligns with brand attributes

and reflects brand personality

• Branded transmedia entertainment– branded entertainment experience that’s co-

created with consumers; multi-platform; dynamic; engaging

Branded Transmedia Experiences

• Telling a story across multiple platforms

• Built on social media & social networks

• Co-created with consumers

• Provides bridges between platforms to get consumers to trial product

• Opportunity to be responsive/dynamic

• Provides new consumer insights

How is transmedia storytelling

important to brands?

Integrated Marketing Communications

• Advertising• Sales Promotion• Events and Experiences• Public Relations and Publicity• Interactive Marketing• Word of Mouth Marketing• Direct Marketing• Personal Selling

Opportunity forTransmediaStorytelling

Can fit within your IMCor utilize the IMC approach

Shopper’s journey (loop)

© Stu Lewin, BTL Brands @BTLBrands

Hierarchy of consumer social needs

Rules of engagement

Consumer needs vs Brand goals

• Sit back & lean forward

• Online & Offline

• My story, my time vs their story, their time– Their story is created through the opportunities,

tools, content and events I provide through my story

What’s the solution?

Participation matrix

Virtuous circle

Open storyworld

• Audience (consumer) free to explore on their own terms – time, manner, place.

• Multiple entry points

• Engagement/exploration

Linear story

Branching narrative

decision point alternative endings




Open storyworld

plot point

character detail


Linear Campaign + Open Storyworld



Worlds apart

Pervasive entertainment

Transmedia storytelling offers:

• Engagement opportunities matched to a range of consumers (expressive, competitive, explorative, collaborative)

• Joined-up thinking– Brand narrative

– Campaign narrative

– Participation strategy

– Content strategy

– Media strategy (paid, earned, owned)

The End

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