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All rights reserved © 2012 M. Jadoul 1 Corporate Storytelling the nouvelle cuisine of business presentations Marc Jadoul February 2 nd , 2012.

Nouvelle Cuisine (2012)

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"Corporate Storytelling: the Nouvelle Cuisine of Business Presentations" presented at the Royal Flemish Society of Engineers (KVIV)) in Antwerp, February 2012

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  • 1.Corporate Storytellingthe nouvelle cuisine of business presentationsMarc Jadoul February 2nd, 2012. All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 1

2. Nouvelle Cuisine Rejection of excessive complication. Fresh ingredients, natural flavors. Smaller portions. No heavy sauces. Focus on composition and presentation. New combinations and pairings. Attention to dietary needs. New techniques and equipment.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nouvelle_cuisine All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 2 3. Last week,you could havewatched over210 hoursof cookingprograms onFlemish TVchannels...All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 3 4. Bad PowerPoint presentationscost companies$252 million a day in wasted time.http://www.thinkoutsidetheslide.com/articles/wasting_250M_bad_ppt.htm All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 4 5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbSPPFYxx3oAll rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul5 6. http://video.forbes.com/fvn/meetings-09/present-like-steve-jobsAll rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 6 7. The Rise of the Corporate StorytellerEven though millions of us are now content producers in some formor another, the reality is theres still chasm when it comes to quality.Theres art and theres junk. Audiences want art.To stand out today its critical that businesses create content.Activating your cadre of internal subject matter experts is the surestpath to visibility.The reality is, however, that organizations need to do more than justunleash their subject matter experts en masse. They need to activatethem in multiple channels at once and equip them in how to create acompelling narrativean emerging set of skills called TransmediaStorytelling.Transmedia storytelling is the future of marketing. And those who canspan across formats and share their expertise will stand out in an ageof Digital Relativity. Steve Rubel, October 2010All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 7 8. The average business presentationhas 25% less slides than 3 years ago.Less time for More time for monologue dialogue http://www.slideshare.net/rashmi/slideshare-zeitgeist-2011All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul8 9. Youll probablypresent less than 20% of all the information you have in mindAll rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul9 10. Nobody cares about your products (except you). All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 10 11. People will forget your words,people will forget your slides,but they will never forgethow you made them feel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jv98mKgWpZ0 All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul11 12. The left and the right brainFunctionDesign Argument StoryFocus Symphony LogicEmpathy SeriousnessPlayAccumulationMeaningDaniel Pink, A Whole New Mind All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul12 13. Aristotles ancient art of rhetoric Credibility Trustworthiness or reputation Tone/style Ethos Emotional or Reasoning orimaginative argumentationimpact PathosLogos Facts, figures, Stories case studiesEmotion Logichttp://sixminutes.dlugan.com/ethos-pathos-logos/ All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul13 14. A good storyline A ttentionI nterest D esire( E vidence ) A ctionAll rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 14 15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ql9lnv9PXzkhttp://www.twistandshout.co.uk/latest/index.php/portfolio/campaign/alcatel-the-convergence-factorAll rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 15 16. http://www.slideshare.net/mjadoul/why-do-handpicked-cherries-2009 http://www.slideshare.net/mjadoul/20020612-von-helsinki-presentation Uggly ducklinghttp://www.slideshare.net/mjadoul/20050523-von-stockholm-presentationAll rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul16 17. A good storyteller P assion A uthority T rustworthiness H umility All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 17 18. There are always three speechesfor every one you actually gave.The one you practiced, the one yougave, and the one you wish you gave.Dale Carnegy All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul18 19. The KISS principleK eepItS imple,S tupidhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KISS_principle All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul19 20. Even for engineershttp://natgeotv.com/uk/engineering-connections http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyluS4TZKhQ All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 20 21. Never underestimate your audienceAll rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 21 22. Use personalized examples All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 22 23. For each member or the audience,you actually have two listeners.Theres thephysical personyou see in frontof you and theresalso a secondlistener known asthe little voice inthe head.Steve DenningAll rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 23 24. Satisfying your audienceW hatsInItF orM e?All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 24 25. Audience power mapExpertInfluencer Decider Go through theGet all elements for detail and score making a decisionAuthority/expertise SpectatorController Get through Get confidence the day and trust Layman LowDecision powerHighAll rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 25 26. Your audience may be spendingvaluable time and money to attendyour presentation.Dont waste it! All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 26 27. Guy Kawasakis 10-20-30 rule10slides20minutes30point fonts http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2005/12/the_102030_rule.htmlAll rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul27 28. Most people decide within the first8 seconds of a presentation whether the speaker is worth listening to. Good morning... I am so gladthat I got the opportunity to speak here this morning... Thank you...Its really a pleasure to be here today, blah, blah, ... All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 28 29. The average attentionspan of an adult is18 minutes.Keep your talk short or make sure that the first minutes include any material that youwant your audience to remember. http://bodylanguagelady.blogspot.com/2009/12/attention-span-grabbing-your-audiance.htmlAll rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul29 30. Listen very carefully(I shall say this only once)All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 30 31. TrainRickshawTram Lexus IS300Taxi TMBTent BicycleAll rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul31 32. If information is presented orally, people remember about 10% of the content 72 hours later.That figure goes up to 65%if you add a picture. John Medina (2008), Brain RulesAll rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul32 33. Only 7% of a message is conveyedby actual words or content. 38% is transmitted by tone of voice andvolume of speech. The other 55% isdelivered through non-verbal means.Albert Mehrabian (1981), Silent Messages All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul33 34. Penguins can be cute, buttheyre not good presenters. All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 34 35. Your brain interprets every letter as a picture so wordyslides literally choke your brain.All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 35 36. Do not overload your presentationwith visuals - they should underlinesomething in your presentation, and not overshadow you, the speaker. All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 36 37. http://www.presentationzen.com/presentationzen/2007/09/steve-bill-redu.html All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul37 38. Great speakers may use poor visuals or even no slides at all Gary VaynerchukAll rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 38 39. although real good visuals dont need (m)any words. All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 39 40. (42 slides with techniques, tips & tricks deleted) Message Your Your story preparationYOUAudience YourDelivery presentationAll rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 40 41. SummaryA good story is like a well-plated dish.It follows a recipe with a few ingredients thatall blend together.The result is acreation that keepsthe audience asking for more. All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 41 42. The nouvelle cuisine ofbusiness presentations Focus & Simplicity. Less slides, More story. Time for dialogue. New presentation techniques. Images & Multimedia. Value instead of Product. Dynamic & Personalized. All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 42 43. Whatever food youre going to serve Never lose the passion for cooking! All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 43 44. Download this presentationfromhttp://www.slideshare.net/mjadoul/nouvelle-cuisine-2012All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 44 45. Recommended reading(some of the sources I have tapped)All rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 45 46. Thank You!(and enjoy your meal) [email protected] http://www.linkedin.com/in/mjadoul http://www.slideshare.net/mjadoulAll rights reserved 2012 M. Jadoul 46