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Nicole' Darracq's glowing recommendation of my work as a consultant on the Appellation: California wine tasting room.

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  • 1. Appellation:Wine Tasting &Visitors Center October 19, 2009To Whom It May Concern:Our organization hired Christian Finn, AIA on a consultant basis in the early summer of 2009 to create plans for a fairly limited conversion of a 1920s farmhouse into a winery tasting room. Due to a number of unforeseen circumstances, Mr. Finn became a far more valuable resource than we ever imagined we would need when the project began. His grasp of building codes and restrictions is exhaustive and his attention to detail profound - he was able to accurately foresee dozens of issues that we would not have been prepared for had we not had his assistance. He was patient with our innocence and more than once personally intervened with official personnel to leverage his authority and experience to obtain more reasonable requirements on our behalf. Above all, he became a member of the team, above and beyond the original scope of his contract and to our great advantage.He is not either a yes-man nor a pushover, but an extremely dedicated professional whose command of his subject can be relied upon unquestioningly - in the vernacular, get out of the way because the man knows his stuff. Any project looking for creative problem solving and architectural solutions delivered professionally, ethically and well within the byzantine constraints of the California building code will be well served to work with Chris.Nicole Darracq General Manager Appellation: California 7256 Highway 99 Madera, CA 93637 [p] (559) 674 - WINE [f] (559) 674 - 9464