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A few simple reminders that Nice Leaders can(and do) finish first

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  • Nice Leadership A few simple reminders that Nice Leaders can and do finish first By Maurizio Morselli
  • What kind of leader would you want your loved one to work for ? Think about it!
  • Nasty ? Non Caring? Or Nice ?
  • Nice Leaders Coach, appraise, reinforce through feedback Empower and enable performance Build teamwork and collaboration Develop trust and respect Propel people to accomplish
  • When all is said and done, nice leadership is accomplishment . . .
  • Nice Leaders accomplish by Understanding; not judging Behavior Motivating & influencing, to Gain Commitment Communicating, Inquiring, Listening Being Consistent Giving & Receiving Constructive Feedback 2.0
  • Nice Leaders realize that they are not going to change peoples basic personality structure. But they are aware of what it is about themselves that impedes or facilitates working with people and, with that awareness, take actions that make the relationship more effective. (Adapted from Gabarro and Kotter)
  • The higher the leadership position the more critical is the communications process. The nice leader is above all a COMMUNICATOR
  • NL know that unless you are getting playback, you really arent communicating at all.
  • In the 4th Century BC, Aristotle wrote Rhetoric and used five Greek words to outline the communication process . . .
  • Ethos (Character) establishment of reputation with the receiver; communicator must be trustworthy and likable Pathos (Emotions and feelings) must have a strong positive and emotional commitment to the message
  • Logos (reason or arguments) message must make sense to the listener; must persuade by logic Taxis (structure) message must be organized logically Lexis (style)
  • NL Understand Why Communication Is So Difficult (1) We see and describe things in terms of our own experience our values, beliefs, attitudes, knowledge, and feelings A stimulus affects no two people the same way. Our perceptions do not come only from what we see. They come from within us. We do not see with the eye as much as we see with the I (the ego).
  • NL Understand Why Communication Is So Difficult (2) We see things largely as we have seen them before. We tend to see things the way we are used to seeing them. We tend to find that for which we are looking. We tend to simplify things we do not understand.
  • NL listen with the intent to understand; not with the intent to reply.
  • Nice Leadership, like Nice Customer Service, contains: 1. Humanity: Polite and courteous treatment of people 2. Understanding and Empathy: Understanding and appreciation of the peoples feelings 3. Fairness: Just and impartial treatment of all people
  • Drop by and say hello on twitter @HumoRousources (Professor Morris) Be Nice Be a Leader Be a Nice Leader See you soon!