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  • 3. Ontario East offers a combination of highly skilled people, leading edge technology, the brightest research minds and incentives
  • 4. ONTARIO EAST: ATTRACTIVE Generous support at the national, provincial and local level for environmental initiatives, solar innovation and R&D make Ontario East a very attractive place to be
  • 5. The choice to establish our Canadian headquarters in Eastern Ontario was initially driven by the fact that Eastern Ontario has a better solar resource than most other parts of the province - CHRIS YOUNG, General Manager, Enfinity Canada
  • 6. R&D CREDITS Ontarios tax credits are among the most generous in the G7. They can cut the cost of $100 in R&D to less than $41.00
  • 7. SOUTHERN ONTARIO DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Offers up to 50% funding for eligible capital project costs and 75% for non-capital project expenditures.
  • 8. EASTERN ONTARIO DEVELOPMENT FUND The EODF is specific to Eastern Ontario offering up to 15% of total eligible project costs to a maximum of $1.5 million
  • 9. SUPPLY CHAIN Ontario East is home to a robust network of experienced, local companies involved in design and installation. With a deep and comprehensive supply chain and access to leading-edge technologies, the region has the largest photonics cluster in Canada.
  • 10. Innovation Park 945 Princess street Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6 613 634 85 69