New Media: Social & Digital Media Changing Your World

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  • 1. NewMedia: Social & Digital MediaChanging Your World Presented by Nancy Sims Senior Vice President August 31, 2009 Brian Block Account Executive

2. 3. Ways Newspapers and Broadcast Outlets are Managing the Digital Age

  • Turning more to online news
  • Reporter Blogs
  • Citizen Journalism
  • Twitter headline feeds
  • Customized Delivery RSS(Real Simple Syndication) feeds
  • Video
  • Podcasts

4. New Media Tools Citizen Journalism

  • National and Local Blogs

5. Building Your Own Brand

  • Digital Media Blogs
    • Blog influence is high. Just ask the newspapers.
    • Bloggers are thought leaders, teachers, trend setters, investigators
    • You can blog on:
      • Services
      • Customer stories
      • Important issues
      • Industry news
      • Fight bad criticism or solicit praise

6. Building Your Own Brand

  • Digital Media Blogs

7. Building Your Own Brand

  • New Media Sites


  • Hi. This is where we go online to show you examples of how others in your industry are using social networks. Contact us for a personalized presentation at your office.
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  • - Brian Block

9. New Media Concerns

  • You have zero privacy anyways, get over it.
  • Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy, 1999
  • Expose too much personal information
  • Legal problems when sharing company secrets
  • Open to negative comments
  • Co-opt/Brand theft
  • Time consuming

10. People do Business with Brands They Know How can new media tacticsyield results for media coverageand audience loyalty? 11. Case Study Blog Outreach Renewable Energy Company Outreach to environmental reporter bloggers at and Caught the attention of the Secured discussion with Vice President Joe Biden on how the Recovery Act is helping the business community 12. Case Study Twitter Telecommunications Company Relationship building with KHOU reporter Alex Sanz through Twitter Resulted in product coverage on KHOU Channel 11 News 13. Case Study Facebook Community Engagement Found several Facebook groups supporting a client competition through their own networks Rather than control a single social network, Brian followed up with each group supplying information & digital content. Helped individual groups secure over 5,000 Facebook supporters collectively promoting clients program. 14. Case Study LinkedIn Lead Generation Brian began using LinkedIn to make connections and demonstrate his expertise Frequently updated applications with good information will attract attention As a result, Brian increased the number of meetings, lunches and calls with new LinkedIn contacts 15. Thank You Nancy Sims, Senior Vice President Brian Block, Account Executive 713.627.2223 [email_address] [email_address] Blog: Twitter:


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