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1. Nepean Blinds & Doors ROLLER BLINDS 2. Introduction Nepean Blinds & Doors offering high end window furnishing products as well as security doors to our clients. Ever since we landed in this business, we are on a mission to be one of the best suppliers of window furnishings in Australia not just on the records, but also on the ground level! We will discuss here about blinds. 3. Blinds: Nepean Blinds & Doors provides a wide-ranging of blinds at wonderful prices. We supply and install premier quality blinds, awnings, shutters, and much more. Despite the high quality blinds, we offers affordable prices to all. 4. Types Of Blinds: Roller blinds Vertical blinds Roman blinds Panel Glide blinds Honeycomb Shades Venetian blinds 5. Roller Blinds: Roller blinds provide highly efficient method of light, sun and privacy control and are so compact that once rolled up your view is uninterrupted. Nepean Blinds & Doors provides different types of blinds here. Dual Roller Blinds Linked Roller Blinds Motorised Rolor Blinds 6. Dual Roller Blinds: The dual system is a two chain operated roller blind installed on one set of brackets. Dual systems are ideal in combining a sunscreen roller bind with a blockout roller blind to provide perfect light and privacy control options throughout the day and night. 7. Linked Roller Blinds: Link and Independent Link systems are used to link two or more roller blinds that are hanging side by side. Using either of these systems will considerably reduce the light gap between the blinds. 8. Motorised Rolor Blinds: Perfect for operating larger blinds and groups of blinds, motorised roller blinds operate quickly and quietly. Chains are replaced with an unobtrusive motor system and a modern compact remote that can be designed to suit any individual requirements. 9.