Natalie Malaszenko Lavacon 2010 Opening Keynote

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Presentation Given by Natalie Malaszenko, PETCO's Director of Social Media & Commerce, at the Lavacon Conference in San Diego, CA, 2010.


  • 1. Social Media In Business America Natalie Malaszenko Director, Social Media & Commerce
  • 2. Our World is Changing
  • 3. People - the online population will double in 4-5 years from 1bn to 2bn
  • 4. Content it is exploding Six-fold increase in digital data in four years Amount Of Digital Data Online 2010: 988 Exabytes 95% of data unstructured 2006: Average F1000 company has 161 Exabytes 1 petabyte (50x increase in 3 years) 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
  • 5. GROWTH EVERY SECOND 2 Million 2 New Blogs Created 7 PCs Sold e-mails Sent 7 People Logon For 1,157 Videos the First Time Viewed on YouTube 34,000 Searches
  • 6. Social networks and blogs are the 4th most popular online activities, including beating personal email* *2009 Social Media Marketing Statistics, Nielson Online
  • 7. The number of text messages sent and received every day exceeds the population of the planet
  • 8. 1 in 3 Internet users state that social networks have influenced their purchase decisions* *ComScore
  • 10. SO HOW SHOULD A COMPANY OPERATE? Listening to Talking with Supporting CUSTOMERS Acting on ideas of....
  • 11. Business Leaders will enter & become relevant in conversations that occur EVERY DAY about their product or company. Companies that cling to the past may not realize it, but they WILL LOSE RELEVANCE
  • 12. Top 5 Observations of Effective Social Media in Business 1. ROI is in the eye of the beholder.
  • 13. Bring Community to the Purchase Path Customers who use Answer Den have 100% more orders per session Over 1000% Increase in Conversion 12% Increase in AOV 10% of all Orders impacted by Answer Den
  • 14. Social Contests Sell Product Annual Halloween Photo Contest Added Twist to Campaign Required Users to Submit Story along with Photos The pet had to explain why they selected their costume Over 1,400 entries Over 80,000 Views Over 25% of Stories Recommended Products!
  • 15. Stories Drives Measurable Results Over 1,000 Stories Submitted Users Visit 4.6x More Frequently Items per Order 35% Higher Avg Session Length 86% Longer AOV 6.7% Higher Over 25% of Stories Recommended Products! Vendor Sponsored Campaign
  • 16. Top 5 Observations of Effective Social Media in Business 2. Knowing Your Demographic is Key.
  • 17. Cancer Awareness Month Cause Driven Campaign National Support by PETCO and Vendor Virtual Wall will live on as ongoing campaign Expect Significant Social Sharing due to Emotional Aspect Personally Tie to E-Com Team with 2 Cancer Dogs in our Team One Survivor One Fighter
  • 18. Driving Awareness for Social Properties Scavenger Hunt Encouraged participation on all PETCO social properties Included other online marketing vehicles to message Contest Drove 36% increase in PETCO Facebook Fan count First clue on Facebook garnered 3,500 comments Landing Page with Contest information was 2nd most visited page on during contest Generated incremental sales and email opt-ins
  • 19. Top 5 Observations of Effective Social Media in Business 3. Embrace negativity, but be prepared to change.
  • 20. Largest Battery Recall In History at Dell We believe that the video Dell produced, as well as other creative notification measures companies have pursued, are a positive for consumers and for the impression customers have of a recalling firm Scott Wolfson, Consumer Product Safety Commission 20
  • 21. United Airlines & The Broken Guitar Passenger Made Viral Video (8Mil+Views) Song in Video Becomes Frequently Downloaded Song Limited and Delayed Response from United Guitar Company saw it as opportunity to sell more guitars CEO/Founder produces a video about how their cases help save guitars and more info on their warranty Gave this passenger a new guitar
  • 22. Top 5 Observations of Effective Social Media in Business 4. When you have fun, they have fun.
  • 23. Sharing the Fun through Social 2010 Rose Bowl Parade Worlds Largest Float Blogging Facebook Twitter Press Releases Paid Search Television New Years Rose Bowl Parade
  • 24. Sharing the fun through Social Shared Photos and Updates Live 1000s of Tweets before, during and after the event Strong affiliation of the Natural Balance Float to PETCO Customer won 1 year of Natural Balance by bringing sign to the parade with Tillman Shops at PETCO and their Twitter Name Over 400 Facebook Comments During Event. Tillman Related Searches resulted in 136.36% increase in visits to Natural Balance search terms showed an 28.31% increase in sales over the average weekly sales Paid placements generated an incremental 47,000 impressions and clicks to
  • 25. Top 5 Observations of Effective Social Media in Business 5. Meet your new business partner. Your Customer.
  • 26. Empower Your Community to Influence Others Viral campaign sent to PETCO email subscribers Test of how email affected social 40% of purchasers new to PETCO
  • 27. Partner with Your Customer on a Common Cause For every fan who joined Generation Natural Pet between Ellen DeGeneres donated 1 meal to a shelter. There was a 23% increase in fan count over previous month in just one weekend! YouTube Video featuring David from Halo & Natalie from PETCO
  • 28. Top Observations 1. ROI is in the eye of the beholder. 2. Knowing your demographic is key. 3. Embrace negativity, but be prepared to change. 4. When you have fun, they have fun. 5. Meet your new business partner. Your Customer. 6. If you dont know where to begin, just listen. 7. Tools & platforms arent the always the answer. 8. Shock and Awe can Convince the Top. 9. Messages are co-created. You can start it, but you wont finish it. 10. Best Social Teams expand beyond social team. Hub and Spoke.
  • 29. Natalie Malaszenko Director, Social Media & Commerce Questions? Blog Twitter @petco @GenNaturalPet @petcofoundation @PETCOdeals @NatalieatPETCO Facebook /petco /GenNaturalPet /petcofoundation