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1. MOBILE GOVERNANCE PLAYBOOKMAXIMIZE YOUR INVESTMENT INMOBILE STRATEGY 2. 2CONGRATULATIONS! NOW WHAT?Like the top 10% of mobile-mature enterprises, youve invested in mobile strategy.(1)Your mobileroadmap shows where you want to go. But do you have the people and processes in place to get there?If not, this guide will help you understand whats needed.WHAT IS MOBILE GOVERNANCE?A governance program ensures thatmobile players, plans, processes,and partners are defined andworking together to execute yourmobile strategy.53% alreadyhave or plan todevelop dedicatedmobile teams.(2) 3. Manage and focus by creatinga local-to-central channel thatgathers, organizes, and evaluatesmobile requests from the business. Measure and refine by offeringmethodologies for assessingmobile performance, audienceengagement, and opportunities forimprovement or innovation. Standardize and scale by providingguidelines that ensure initiativesadopt consistent design, technology,and analytics standards.A strong governance program will help your mobile stakeholders:WHY MOBILE GOVERNANCE?Governance reduces risk andmaximizes mobile success.Organizations with a defined mobilestrategy and governance programare experiencing: Doubled employee productivity(5) 20% revenue growth(6) 4X higher margins(7)Mobile-mature organizations alsoreport lower IT spends than companiesat lower levels of mobile maturity.(8)DOES IT WORK?THE BENEFITS OF GOVERNANCEGovernance helps avoid the fractured,frenzied action that wastes both timeand money. You can achieve this through: Sharing mobile expertise Creating highly visible outcomes Practicing accountability Acting on customer insights Guiding innovative thinking 4. 4GOVERNANCE FOCUS AREASStrategy Optimize mobile strategy byassessing mobile benefits, competitivetrends, business goals, user needs andevolving technologies.Standards Develop best practices,guidelines and tools for the design,development, deployment, andmeasurement of mobile initiatives.Technology Pursue efficient, effectivetechnologies to support mobile strategyand provide a basis for ongoing innovationand growth.51% plan to increase mobile marketing capability viainternal training and development.(3)WHAT DOES A GOVERNANCE PROGRAM INCLUDE?The goal of governance is to provide processes for repeatable success and a channel for continuous improvement.To create a strong governance program, develop key practices within each of the following focus areas.StrategyMobile StrategyCan mobile drive revenue?Lower costs? Transformbusiness processes?Yes, but big wins comefrom carefully aligningbusiness goals, user needs and evolvingtechnologies. Empower ateam to own this practice.Portfolio ManagementBusiness leaders maybe eager to kick off petmobile projects butwhats the business case?Define strategic criteriato evaluate each idea.Create clear processesfor project initiation,prioritization and approval.Project ManagementThe business case is solid.The team is fired up butdo they understand therequirements? Providetools to help teamssucceed in planning,design, development,deployment, support andmonitoring each initiative.Benefit ManagementThe launch party is over.Now what? Monitor andanalyze the actual returnversus expected benefitof each mobile project.Communicate lessonslearned as a valuable inputto mobile decision making. 5. 47% of those dissatisfied withcurrent mobile progress point toa lack of resources and talent.(4)StandardsMobile Design GuideUsers expect a greatmobile experience dont let yours disappoint.Provide guidelines topromote consistent lookand feel, user flow, andusability standards acrossyour mobile initiatives.Development GuideMobile applications oftenface common architectureand coding challenges.Improve time-to-marketby collecting hard-earned knowledge fromprevious projects andencourage sharingacross technical teams.Vendor Selection Thepace of mobile change cancreate resource shortages.Develop a capability matrixacross a set of approvedmobile partners to allowteams to easily selectappropriate partners forany initiative.Security & Usage PoliciesOffer security controlsbased on data sensitivityand define a clear,common-sense policy onuse of company-issuedand BYOD devices.Sharebest practices and lessonslearned to ensure allmobile initiatives comply.TechnologyDevice & ApplicationManagement Users takedevices everywhere andoften lose them along theway. Employ managementsoftware, configurationsand audits to keeptabs on enterprisemobile devices fromprocurement to sunset.Platform DecisionMatrix Matching desireduser experiences toappropriate devicesis critical to success.Develop guidelines tohelp teams select devicesand platforms, and checkselections during reviewand approval processes.Shared Tools & ServicesTo increase quality andreduce cost of mobileinitiatives, identify commonrequirements and leveragea single solution. Promotepreferred solutions toensure compliance andencourage efficiency.Idea Portal Often, themost innovative ideascome from your users not your executives.Ensure that you listento your most valuableexperts by definingthe process used toprompt, gather andanalyze user feedback. 6. 6HOW DOES GOVERNANCE WORK?Without governance, stakeholders may work at cross-purposes or duplicate efforts on mobile initiatives that: Fail to align with business goals Focus on technology rather than users Flounder due to lack of ownership, expertise orempowerment Falter on consistency, quality or lifecycle planning Offer low or unmeasurable ROIA WORLD WITHOUT MOBILE GOVERNANCE?MENTOR REVIEW SUPPORTconceptbrainstormbusiness needsscopemilestonesrisksstrategicprioritiesresourcescapabilitiesresourcesbudgetdesigndeveloptestdeploymentmarketinguser supportanalyticsissuescontent updatessoftware updatesideate request review approve deliver launch managebusiness case strategy & roadmap playbook case study 7. WANT A STRONGER MOBILE STRATEGY?TALK TO US.Visit or call 877.931.0122to set up a free consultation.To initiate a viable and visible governance program within your organization, the membersof your governance team must work to complete four critical steps:4 ACTION ITEMS FOR YOUR GOVERNANCE TEAM1. Audit existing mobilepractices, includingportfolio and projectmanagement. Documentcurrent strengths andpain points.2. Audit existingmobile technologies,including code, platform,device, applicationand user feedbackmanagement. Documentrecommendations forimprovement.3. Define mobile bestpractices, includingprocesses, tools andstandards (design,technology, analytics)tailored to your enterprise.4. Present mobilegovernance processes tothe organization. Provide tools,guidelines and standards toall mobile resources.These key steps will create a channel for ideation, enable rational investment and promote purposeful engagement withmobile resources both internally and externally. In fact, getting serious about governance will improve how effectivelyyour mobile vendors are managed. Theyll utilize design, technology, UX and other guides to build experiences that alignwith your internal efforts. 8. MOBILE GOVERNANCE PLAYBOOKMAXIMIZE YOUR INVESTMENT INMOBILE STRATEGYCITATIONS1, 5-8: SAP. (2011, September). Enterprise Mobility Survey: AggregateFindings Report. Retrieved from - 4: CMO Council. (2012). Engage at Every Stage: Using MobileRelationship Marketing (MRM) to Put More Interaction in the Hands ofthe Customer. Retrieved from 2013 Mutual Mobile, Inc. | (800) 208 3563 | mutualmobile.comABOUT MUTUAL MOBILEMutual Mobile has delivered over 400 mobile experiencesacross iOS, Android, and mobile web. Our end-to-endsolutions have delighted major clients including Google,Audi, Cisco, and Xerox and have led to major businesstransformations. Weve quadrupled the productivity of oneclients mobile fleet and connected a quarter of a millionengineers via a massive global support system for another.Weve also received numerous awards and accolades,including recognition as a Forbes Most Promising Company,a 2012 Webby Nomination in the Retail/Tablet category, and a2011 ADDY Award from the AAF. Mutual Mobile is experiencedat crafting mobile strategy that addresses enterprise-sizedconcerns and challenges to create efficiency, engagement,and measurable value for users whether those users areemployees or consumers.