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  1. 1. Arts, Sciences &Technology University in Lebanon
  2. 2. Hsn zyein is aTurkish businessman in the finance sector who is a self-made billionaire. He is the owner of FIBA Holding, a group of mostly financial companies inTurkey. He has a net worth of US$3 billion as of 2015.
  3. 3. Background The son of a doctor, zyein was born in 1944 in Konya,Turkey. He graduated Robert College, an elite academy in Istanbul in 1963, and claims that he went to the U.S. with just a thousand dollars in his pocket.There, he studied civil engineering at Oregon State University ,receiving a BS degree. Being more interested in finance, he attended the School of Business at Harvard University,and obtained an MBA.
  4. 4. CAREER Following his return home after three more years in the USA, zyein was offered a post in Pamukbank, which belonged to his schoolmate, Mehmet Emin Karamehmet. In 1977, at the age of only 32, he was appointed general manager of this bank and he held this position until 1984
  5. 5. .Then he transferred toYap ve Kredi Bankas to become its general manager, a much larger bank inTurkey acquired that year by the same friend.There he succeeded in leading the money-losing bank to a profit over the next two years.
  6. 6. zyein led Yap ve Kredi Bankas until 1987, when he decided to establish his own bank, the Finansbank at the age of 43. He expanded it to a bank with more than 200 branches operating in nine countries out ofTurkey, mostly in Europe
  7. 7. He later founded several finance companies and brought them under the Holding Fiba, which has around 8,500 employees in 20 companies. Over the next few years, he invested in high-demand industries such as real estate, energy and retail, building condominiums and shopping centers across the main domestic business districts.
  8. 8. Companies Industry Banking, Financial service Founded 26 October 1987 Total assets 38.1 billionTRY Number of employees 12,000+
  9. 9. SwissotelThe Bosphorus stanbul
  10. 10. zyein University zyein University Established May 18, 2007; 7 years ago Type Private- Non-Profit Location Istanbul,Turkey Campus ekmeky, Istanbul Language English andTurkish Website
  11. 11. REFERENCES ^The World's Billionaires - #221 Husnu Ozyegin ^ zyein niversitesi Web Sitesi - Hakkmzda - Kuruluyks