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  • 1. Bonus Energy Boosters Dealer Consultant, Vmobile Tech. Inc.

2. Nawawalan ka na ba ng gana?.. 3. Medyo Ganadong- ganado pa rin! 4. Be the next person in the MLM loser list Be bitter on those people who are earning Lose your remaining unreturned investment and most importantly, you lose P900,000/month Lost another chance to attain your dreams Kung hindi mo pa titigilan yan, ito mangyayari sa iyo... 5. Congratulations! Dahil hindi mo pa siguro ito naeexperience In business and network marketing, this will always happen. 6. But dont worry, this happens to everyone It only differs on how we cope up and how we strive to be successful. Remember, we are a team, we will help each other. 7. Here are some texts that will boost your energy into working on your business. 8. Believe and Stay Positive The Law of Attraction - Anything that you believe will come to you, Rhonda Byrne, The Secret One of the most important discoveries of human kind is that knowing that You become what you think about Bryan Tracy 9. Success in anything in life, including network marketing, is 90% mental, and 10% mechanical Mike Dillard, Magnetic Sponsoring 10. Do not Fear failure Success is 99% failure Soichiro Honda, founder of Honda Motors 11. Failure is simply the price we pay to achieve success. Dr. John D. Maxwell 12. Know these Rules: Rule # 1. There is no such thing as failures, only lessons. Rule # 2. The lessons continues until you learn. Rule # 3. If you do not learn the lessons, it gets harder. Rule # 4. You will know you have learned the lessons when you change your actions. 13. There are only two roads on everything... Procrastination Making Reasons Giving up Being Negative Fear of trying Etc. Doing what you have to do Trying new things Does not give up Being Postive Believing Etc. Procrastination Making Reasons Giving up Being Negative Fear of trying Etc. 14. So, what should you do? Feel what you want to have Make it visible to you everyday Make all of your days activities according to how you see yourself in this business Look for failure everyday and fail forward! Make a promise to yourself, that YOU will find that success 15. Trend in life is like a plateau Its on the plains that people lose heart and quit. Your decision when you joined into network marketing is not the important one, what is important is that when you decide that you are going to do what it takes to be successful. Tim Sales 16. REMEMBER 17. The only thing separating you and P900,000/mo is YOU. Your pride Your inefficient time-management Your ego Your negativity Your fear 18. Success is on the far side of failures. So why stopping now? 19. So, are you into success?