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Discover a new website that conveniently lists over 320 military discounts that can be found through various industries. Military Discounts Central is your premier, one-stop destination for military discounts.

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  • 1. About Us Military Discounts Central is your premier, one- stop destination for military discounts Youll discover over 320 military discounts on our site Everything on our site is FREE to access We even feature many blog posts to help you save money

2. What Were All About is the brainchild of Ernie Bryan, a proud U.S. Army retired soldier of 20 years, hooah! What we will strive to provide you is a single location where you can find many of the establishments throughout the U.S. and some overseas that offer military discounts, specials, incentives, and additional benefits to you, our heroes. 3. Types of Discounts We Have Travel Airlines Hotels Rental Cars Buses Trains All Inclusive Resorts Armed Forces Recreation Centers 4. Types of Discounts We Have LeisureLocal and NationalAttractionsAmusement ParksMovie TheatersShow and Theater TicketsSports 5. Types of Discounts We Have Food and DiningRestaurantsFast Food 6. Types of Discounts We Have MerchantsBanks and FinanceCar DealershipsMotorcycle DealershipsRetailServicesGrocery Stores 7. Our Products We have a military Discounts eBook Bi-Weekly Newsletter, CADENCE Military Discounts Destination Guides Self Help and Money Saving Content 8. Military Discounts eBook This popular guide features over 320 discounts across various industries such as travel, hospitality, leisure, dinin g, shopping/retail, and so much more 9. Destination Guides 2-4 page eBooks that feature a popular hot spot or destination, i.e., Las Vegas, They cover some of the things that you should do or consider doing while there such best attractions, where to eat or lodge and of course, we will include all the vendors and establishments that offer military discounts either to get you there (airlines) or available once you arrive (rental car, hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc.) 10. Newsletter- Cadence F.Y.I.- Provides information from saving money, to uncovering information that are hidden in plain site, things such as how to obtain a free credit report every three months, career tips such as job interview dos and donts, how to dress for success for those transitioning out of the service, and many more Oil Wells - Info regarding home-based business opportunities that you, or a spouse, or older child could undertake to earn additional household income. Bridge- This is where we recommend books, podcasts, seminars, educational offering, etc., that could help you bridge the gap with your career, leadership skills, or entrepreneur aspirations 11. Blog Posts This is where we post content to help you discover new military discounts We also try to find the best opportunities for you all to save some money 12. Final Words Well thats it! I hope you guys decide to come check us out. Thank you so very much and hopefully you will all find our site to be extremely helpful! 13. Come Check Us Out! Heres where you can find us: