Middle East Tunnelling 2011, Qatar

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Opportunities on design, planning and construction of tunnelling projects in the middle east region


<ul><li>1.LAUNCH OFFER! Book before 3 October 2011&amp; SAVE up to us$ 500!Opportunities on design, planning andconstruction of tunnelling projects in the region 12-14 December 2011 Oryx Rotana Hotel, Doha, QatarConference Highlights:Gain first hand insights on the latest developments on rail,road and utilities tunnelling projects in the Middle East andget a comprehensive update on key projects including: Key QRails overview on Qatar metros complex tunnel design and implementation plans as part of the US$ 35 bn integrated rail project Speakers Dubai Metro, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)s challenges and lessons learned from designing and constructing the Middle Easts Dr. Bert Bosseler first mega tunnelling project The Dubai Metro Project Research Director IKT-Institute for Underground An update on the US$ 1.09 bn Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Infrastructure. Programme (STEP) in Abu Dhabi Ashghals latest updates on the estimated US$200m sewerageSaad Mohamad Khodr tunnel in Qatar and the cut and cover tunnels for the DohaSenior Transportation Engineer - ExpresswayTransportation &amp; Infrastructure Planning DepartmentExamine the impacts that variable ground conditions in the Ministry of Municipality and UrbanMiddle East has on constructing tunnels - explore how youPlanning (MMUP)can effectively utilise the latest machinery and techniques Abdussamie Haimonito develop tunnelling projects including: Tunnel BoringDeputy Director Rail ConstructionMachines (TBM), Microtunnelling and Horizontal Directional DepartmentDigging (HDD)Dubai Metro, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Steve Minassian Plus... Monday, 12 deceMber 2011Senior Vice President Parsons Creating effective safety programmes in tunnelling projects in the Middle East Discover how to achieve high quality standards in Saad Ahmed Al Muhannadi Chief Executive Officer health safety and environment planning strategies Qatar Railways Company (QRail) Safety requirements have never been more stringent or complex. This masterclass will examine effective tunnel ventilation, fireAbdul Jassim Al Jolo detection and suppression systems, andChairman emergency response planning proceduresQatar Society of Engineers Register at www.meed.com/events/tunnels</li></ul><p>2. Explore QatarsUS$35 bn railway12-14 December 2011Oryx Rotana Hotel, Doha, QatarnetworkWelcome to the launch of MEEDs Confirmed speakers:Middle East Tunnelling conferenceDr. Bert Bosseler Research Director IKT-Institute for UndergroundThe governments of the Middle East are promising hugeInfrastructure.investments in road, rail and utility (water &amp; sewerage)projects to meet the demand of rapidly expanding citiesJulian Herbertacross the region. There are a significant amount of new Director, Product Developmenttunnelling projects being developed over the next decade,MEED Projectsin fact the Middle East will be home to some of the largesttunnelling projects in the world including the Dubai metro Saad Mohamad Khodrand the launch of phase 2, the integrated railway networkSenior Transportation Engineer -project in Qatar, the Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme Transportation &amp; Infrastructure Planning(STEP) and the Abu Dhabi Metro.DepartmentQatar Railways Company (QRail) are planning to award up to Ministry of Municipality and Urban12 separate tunnelling contracts alone over the next few years Planning (MMUP)as part of their integrated rail projects, and the planned Abu Senior RepresentativeDhabi US$ 7 bn metro rail system which will run up to 131km in Ashghallength and mostly underground is scheduled for completionin 2016.The launch of MEEDs Middle East Tunnelling conferencewill provide you with the very latest data and forecastSteve Minassian Senior Vice Presidentinformation surrounding mega tunnelling projects across Parsonsthe Middle East region, and outline solutions to everydaychallenges that you are facing.Middle East Tunnelling conference is a comprehensive Uwe Reiterplatform for you to network, build business relations, discoverDirector (International Consulting)where upcoming business opportunities lie and additionally PTVhow to position yourself in the Middle East tunnelling sector.I look forward to seeing you in December 2011. Ahmed Al Kowsi Vice President (Projects / NavigationYours sincerely, Logistics) Qatar Navigation Edmund OSullivan ChairmanAbdussamie Haimoni MEED Events Deputy Director (Rail Construction Department) Dubai Metro, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Government Agencies, MunicipalitiesSaad Ahmed Al Muhannadi Whoand Public Work AuthoritiesChief Executive Officer ContractorsQatar Railways Company (QRail) Construction Engineers and you will Geotechnical Engineers / SiteInvestigatorsAbdul Jassim Al Jolo meetMachinery SuppliersLaw Firms Chairman Qatar Society of Engineers Insurance Companies Financiers Concrete / Pre-Cast, Additive and Senior Representative HalcrowTunnel Sealant Material Suppliers Tunnelling Associations For speaker updates, please visit www.meed.com/events/tunnels 3. CONFERENCE DAY ONETuesday, 13 December 201108:00Registration and coffee Examining the different tunnel technologies available09:00Chairmans opening remarksdesigned to work on varying ground conditions in the Edmund OSullivan, Chairman, MEED EventsMiddle EastSteve Minassian, Senior Vice President, ParsonsThe growth of tunnelling projects across the Middle East and beyond12:40 CaSE STUDy: Overcoming the technical challenges and09:10Keynote opening welcome and address Looking to the developing best practice strategies - lessons learned from future of the tunnelling industry and exploring state of the Middle Easts first mega tunnelling project the art global tunnelling projects Exploring the story of the Gulfs first large-scale What lies ahead for the global tunnelling industry boring tunnel in the Gulf region the Dubai Metroover the next decade and an overview of advances in Lessons learned and project update on the Dubaitunnelling technologiesMetro Green Line (phase 2) Examining creating tunnels of the future - best globalAbdussamie Haimoni, Deputy Director (Rail Constructionpractice in construction planning, design and digging Department), Dubai Metro, Roads and Transporttechniques and addressing lessons learned Authority (RTA) A brief overview of current and planned mega13:30 Lunch and networkingtunnelling projects from across the globe09:50CaSE STUDy: an in-depth overview and exclusive regionalBoring tunnels update from MEED Projects / Insight on Middle East 14:30 The strategic advantages of Tunnel Boring Machines tunnelling project opportunities (TBMs) in the Middle East region Examining the tremendous growth of Middle Eastern Exploring bore tunnelling project case studies fromcities and the mammoth investments going into theacross the region including the 4.8 km phase 3Middle East infrastructure sectorexpansion of the Cairo Metro due to be completed Julian Herbert, Director, Product Development in 2013 MEED Projects15:20 PanEL DISCUSSIOn: Client, contractor and technologyproviders panel discussion: What are the main issuesExploring Qatars overall investment in road, rail and utility projects when sourcing and procuring Tunnel Boring Machines10:15CaSE STUDy: an overview on Qatar metros complex (TBMs) tunnel design and implementation plans over the next 15This panel discussion will explore the upfront production years as part of the US$ 35 bn integrated railway networkcosts of moles and time sensitivity delivery issues Developing the design for the underground civil works with the initial planning, sourcing, procuring andon the Qatar metro (89 kilometres in length, 4 lines, manufacturing (taking a cycle of up to 1.5 years abroad).100 stations)15:50 Networking and coffee break Discovering where the opportunities lie to get involved Exploring the plans to award up to 12 separateCut and cover tunnelstunnelling contracts over the next few years16:20 CaSE STUDy: The challenges of Cut and Cover tunneling in Saad Ahmed Al Muhannadi, Chief Executive Officer, Qatarthe Middle East region Railways Company (QRail) Exploring the advantages of this cost effective method11:00Networking and refreshment breakof tunnelling vs. the disadvantages of construction11:30PanEL DISCUSSIOn: an update on Qatars overalldisturbance and interruption factors to heavily investment plans into road, metro and utility tunnellingpopulated urban areas projects in Qatar including: Examining Cut and Cover current tunnelling projects Updated plans for the 12 km US$1 bn subsea tunnelincluding: linking Dohas new airport with Lusail and West Bay - An update and study on the 500m road underpass forming part of the Doha Express Way project in The latest time lines and development plans for the Qatar Qatar Metro - The 3 km Al-Salam Street US$ 1.36 bn tunnelling Ashghals latest updates on the estimated US$200m project in Abu Dhabi due to complete late 2011 sewerage tunnel in Qatar17:00 PanEL DISCUSSIOn: The challenges that clients andChallenges of developing tunnels within the Middle Easts contractors are currently facing with developinggeotechnical profile and conditions tunneling projects and how they can be overcome?12:00PanEL DISCUSSIOn: The unique geotechnical challenges This panel discussion will share experiences that clients with constructing tunnels in the Middle East regionand contractors face on major tunnelling projects. Exploring the specific impact of soil, sand, hard / soft17:20 Day one closing remarksrock properties and the movements of ground waterand the impact / challenges on tunnel construction17:45 Day one drinks reception www.meed.com/events/tunnels 4. CONFERENCE DAY TWOWednesday, 14 December 201109.15Chairmans forum day two opening remarks 13:00 PanEL SESSIOn: Using and implementing tunnelling Edmund OSullivan, Chairman, MEED Events technology in the Middle East regionThe benefits of using Micro-tunnelling, Pipe Jacking and This panel session will discuss what solutions andHorizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) techniques technologies are currently available for Middle East tunnelling projects and what the possibilities are for09:30CaSE STUDy: Exploring and choosing the right diggingcompletely automated and computer run operations. techniques to construct smaller tunnel diameters 13:30Lunch and networking break Geotechnical evaluation and preparation for choosingthe right digging techniques for diverse tunnelling Financing tunnelling projects in the Middle Eastprojects:- Micro-tunnelling14:30 PanEL SESSIOn anD CaSE STUDy: Public Private Partnership- Pipe Jacking(PPP), project finance and public procurement to find the- Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) best financing solution for developing major tunneling10:10an update on the Strategic Tunnel Enhancementprojects in the Middle East region. Programme (STEP) in abu Dhabi This panel session will discuss and assess the various procurement and financing options and whats best for Explaining the technical complexity of the US$ 1.09 bn 41 km which type of tunnelling project: long deep waste water tunnel project in Abu Dhabi Exploring how to successfully raise finance An update and overview on the timelines of the STEP Tendering a PPP project and developing a solidproject and opportunities to get involvedrelationship with the relevant government authorities10:50PanEL SESSIOn: assessing and selecting the most appropriate technology and equipment to reduce the Exploring the Kuwait metro and rail privatisation (Total overall surface disruption when using micro-tunnelling Worth US$ 6 -12 bn) and pipe jacking specialist tunnelling methods This panel session will explore machinery that will be Health, Safety &amp; Environment (HSE) discussed includes:15:10 CaSE STUDy: Designing and operating state of the art Open face cutter boomstunnelling safety and management systems in the region Backacters Designing and implementing tunnel safety features that MTBMs (Micro Tunnelling Boring Machines)are safe for both construction workers and passengers Earth Pressure Balance (EPB)including: Slurry - Cost effective and efficient tunnel ventilation11:20Networking and coffee breaksystemsImmersed tunnelling- Tunnel evacuation and safety strategies - Mechanical and electrical design (emergency lighting,12:00Choosing immersed tube tunnelling versus alternative sprinklers and water drainage systems) tunnelling options Al-Salam Street Tunnel Project in Abu Dhabi and its Exploring the cheaper construction cost benefits andmodern safety management systemthe advantages of being able to work on all types ofground conditions 15:50 Networking and coffee break Examining the speed of tunnel completion when 16:20 Exploring effective risk management strategies andbeing able to complete construction outside ofapproaches for effective disaster management planscongested urban locations Employing effective risk management plans to avoid Discussing the feasibility for the proposed Doha Bayemergencies and disastersCrossing Understanding the regulatory requirements for risk analysis and danger studiesEffective tunnelling maintenance programmes Examining the National Fire Protection Association12:30Examining effective maintenance programmes for(NFPA) HSE codes across the Middle East and standards tunnel repair and renovationto aid the minimisation and the possibility of fire and Effectively planning a sustainable maintenance other risksprogramme and tunnel inspection framework for the17:00Closing remarks from the chairmandesired lifespan of a tunnel structure Repairing tunnel structuring and tunnel components:drainage systems, waterproofing and concrete lining,ventilation systems, lighting and communicationmechanics and safety equipments Physical tunnel maintenance and identifying relevanttunnel technologies for renovation programmes To register today email us at events@meed.com 5. Save US$700 on MasterclassPRE-CONFERENCE MASTERCLASS when you book it with the 2 dayMonday, 12 December 2011 conferenceCreating effective safetyprogrammes in tunnelling projectsSponsorship andin the Middle East Exhibition OpportunitiesStrategies to achieve high quality standards inUnique benefits of supporting this eventhealth, safety and environment planning include:Timings: 10:00 16:00 Exclusive personal access to the most prominent senior industry representatives who are developingOvERvIEW tunnelling projects across the Middle East including:This masterclass will explore the key elements in delivering government agencies, municipalities and publicoptimum tunnel safety programmes, when both in the initial work authorities you will meet with the keytunnel design phase and when fully operational. Safety decision-makers who can significantly influence yourrequirements for tunnels have never been more stringentorganisations future profitabilityor complex. New standards and regulations have to be Prestigious positioning as a leader in the tunnellingimplemented, equipment has to be replaced or upgraded andindustry sector - this is your uni...</p>


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