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Every Opportunity Every Employee Every Time SM 1 A Business Revolution Calls for a Management Revolution Ed Israel VP Sales 503.720.0912 Kelly Ferguson VP Marketing 206.300.7220 July 27, 2011

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Master slide deck for sales.

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  • 1. A Business Revolution Calls for a Management Revolution
    Ed IsraelVP Sales 503.720.0912Kelly FergusonVP Marketing 206.300.7220
    July 27, 2011

2. Who We Are
Creators of the
A Fully Integrated and Closed-Loop Framework to Drive the Proactive and Disciplined
Execution of Routine Work and Initiatives
3. What We Do
Guide leadership teams through the customization and installation of
a Management System that dramatically improves business results
4. Mass Ingenuity Vision, Value Proposition and Customer Benefits
Every Opportunity, Every Employee, Every Time
Value Proposition
We build a direct connection between what leaders envision and what employees deliver
Customer Benefits
Improve customer experience
Accelerate growth
Reduce costs
5. Why Do We Call it the NOW ManagementSystem?
The NOW Moment
When an employee encounters an opportunity to make a YES decision and take action that will move the business toward its goals
6. ManagementMust Enable Responses to the NOW Moment
Every Time
Every Employee
Every Opportunity
7. 7 Stages of
7.Own the Solution
6.Own the Problem
5.Take Initiative
4. Suggest Solutions
3.Voice Opinions
2.Understand Orders
1.Follow Orders
8. Managements work must be complete before the NOW Moment arrives
9. What Management System Does Your Organization Use To Enable NOW Moments?
An effective management system needs to:
Visually tell every employee how your organization must execute on its:
Routine Work (Fundamentals) and Strategic Initiatives (Breakthroughs)
Illustrates the enterprise-wide core processes and sub-processes
Clearly define the top priorities and strategic initiatives
Drive transparency and accountability
Tell you in near real-time when a major process or initiative is trending into trouble
Improve customer experience, reduce costs and accelerate growth
10. Improve Customer Experience
Reduce Costs
Accelerate Growth
Routine Work
Strategic Initiatives
7-Step Problem Solving
Quarterly Target Reviews
11. 12. Client Testimonials
By implementing the Mass Ingenuity management system, we have achieved across-the-board results beyond anything we had imagined. CEO and Dental Director, Third Largest U.S. Dental Group
The Management System visually proved to prospects and customers that we were the right supplier for them. The results were priceless! Co-founder and CEO of Electronics Company
"If I could go back, Id have implemented a management system framework before investing in lean. State Government Deputy Director
13. Client Results

  • Global supply chain company reported a16.7% increase in employee engagementsix months after installing their Management System

14. During a company-wide hiring freeze for the prior 9 months 15. A manufacturing company leveraged their Management System as a sales tool to win business nationally and to hire top talent 16. Owner eventually used their system toreduce due diligence time by 40% and received an offer 50% higher than expected