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Marsha Kent is a thorough marketing professional with years of rich experience. Her forte is the Infomercial. Adept in the diverse and intricate skills of marketing, she is all at once a product connoisseur, an infomercial producer, in fact much, much more.


  • 1. Article Title: Marsha Kent-The Thorough Professional.Article Body:Marsha Kent, the one of the marketing wizards and pioneers of DRTV has been a strongadvocator of the medium since the 1980s, and has sold products from every genre imaginable-Cosmetics, Personal Care, Fitness and Houseware, you name it, all of them have been touched,in some way or the other by her expert hands. Especially in the Fitness segment, all herproducts were runaway hits; the Ab Coach, the Abflex Fitness System, the Bun & Thigh Sculptorand Micro Buddy, all of these were launched under her watchful care. The market was starvedof products that were consistent in quantity and were honest to their promise, thereforeMarsha Kents products made customers line up for more and more. Her skill in reading themarkets was so profound that all her products started grossing millions of dollars in sales withinweeks of their launch. This was the case for all her products in the United States. Even in India,all the products launched by her through DRTV met with great success.Marsha Kent is a thorough marketing professional with years of rich experience. Her forte is theInfomercial. Adept in the diverse and intricate skills of marketing, she is all at once a productconnoisseur, an infomercial producer, in fact much, much more.Marsha Kent has always been equally astute in generating funds for her projects. Be it for theslew of infomercials that she has been promoting, or for the sole purpose of brand distribution-she has always been adept at building up a reservoir of funds, which is then channelized intovarious processes of the company- marketing, selling, transacting and co-ordinating. She is anexpert in creating the right kind of TV commercials for her products, or infomercials, as theyare called. The consumer at the other end of the tube should be so convinced about theproduct that he sees on television that he simply has to buy it, says Marsha. So all her productshave to be of exceptionally good quality, of real standards,if they have to be marketed by her.She picks and chooses her products with great care. And that is why, it goes without saying thatall of her products have met with brilliant success in the markets, be it in the harshlycompetitive market place of America, or the demanding avenues of Indian corridors.Marsha Kent also uses her product positioning skills in a dynamically creative way. Afterspending days and weeks in behavioural analysis and a thorough, detailed study of thedemography, Marsha began to work in India. The Indian consumer was driven by the value-for-money principle. He wanted products that were good, but he also wanted them to be smartlypriced. This Marsha understood only too well. And she gave the Indian consumer what hewanted- products that added value to an elegant lifestyle.To know more about her please visit www.marshakent.comResource box:

2. Marsha Kent believes in sharing her knowledge and experience through her articles and variousforums. She loves to answer queries related to direct marketing and its various aspects. Feelfree to contact Marsha Kent with your questions or to know more about her please