Marsha kent the infomercial virtuoso

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  • 1. Marsha Kent The Infomercial VirtuosoOne of Americas most successful women entrepreneurs, Marsha Kent is one of DRTVIndustrys founders and its ardent promoters. But what she is well-known for is heramazing success at the Infomercial stream of marketing campaigns.With the Miracle Blade I Infomercial going on air in 1990, her foray into the highlydemanding world of direct television marketing began. It is putting it only too mildlyto say that the Miracle Blade I instantly catapulted her into the forefront of televisioncommercial marketing. Miracle Blade I was all about a set of multi-purpose knives,which took the country by storm, grossing sales of $1 million in just 3 weeks of itsbeing aired on television. The Miracle Blade is now running its 4th version on theInfomercial, and by market reports, over 12 million knives have been sold since 1990,proving how adept Marsha Kent was in her transforming the television commercialinto a self-generating, dynamic revenue proposition.Marsha has been on Americas Top 25 Most Influential People in the Direct ResponseTelevision Industry list. Forever inventing, innovating new techniques in thesuccessful marketing of products, Marsha Kent has proficiently worked aroundproducts of most genres- from Cosmetics to Personal Fitness to Smartware toHouseware systems, only to see their companies grow from strength to strength.Infomercials for The AB Coach, the Abflex Fitness System, the Bun & Thigh Sculptor,Micro Buddy and other consumer-centric products soon became popular overtelevision; one of the products that entered the Top Ten on the Jordan WhitneyReport within one week of its launch was the Ab Coach. Microcrisp Food Wrap becameanother instant success, and clocked more than 55$ million in sales, since its launchin 1993.When Marsha Kent Television Marketing was started in the late 1980s, Marsha had bythen already gained sufficient years of experience in the areas of product marketing,advertising, sales and resource sourcing. The Direct Response Television industry hadjust begun to make its imprint on the marketing canvas of the country, when MarshaKent joined forces with another Direct Response Industry expert, Mr. Peter Spiegeland formed Kent & Spiegel Direct Inc. With both their creative skills combining toform a strong alliance, the KSD product line soon blazoned a flashing trail of successafter success; in Cosmetics, Personal Care, Fitness and Houseware, every productlaunched from the KSD stable made headlines, and a beeline for runaway growth.Marsha Kent believes that the bottomlines are enriched only only if you are able toget your total act together. You need to keep your eyes and ears open, all the time.Gauging the pulse of the market is very important, and giving the consumer what hewants is paramount! she says, without much ado!