Marsha kent – an antidote to failure

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  • 1. Marsha Kent An Antidote to FailureShe has been called the Top 25 Most Influential People in the Direct Response Industry. Shewas rated third on the Los Angeles Business Journal list of most successful women businessowners, and was elected to the prestigious ERA International Board of Directors.We are talking about Marsha Kent, the marketing legend, who catapulted the humbleInfomercial to the legions of fame, by interpreting the medium of television in a very systematicand logical way, and using its expansive reach to the products advantage. She appears in mostindustry trade journals; she has been interviewed by a slew of television and radio channels andhas featured on the covers of all renowned magazines. Companies who are trying to make theirpresence in the industry seek her out for helping them to launch their products. They believethat Marsha Kent possesses the Midas Touch, if she carries their product through, it is sure tomeet with success. Marsha has a rare talent to tap the products marketability. She knowsinstinctively what will sell, in the products that she takes under the wing, says the Vice-President of a Personal Fitness company. When we handed over our fitness equipment brandto Marsha, we were sure that we would be flooded with orders, and we were absolutely right inour judgment! he adds. Her DR TV campaigns have always been highly dynamic in theirsuccess. Be it infomercials for The Ab Coach, Micro Buddy, The Ab Trainer, QRB or theAbSculptor, the consumer response to each of the products that Marsha has been spectacular.When Marsha Kent joined up with Peter Spiegel to form their venture-KSD, or Kent and SpiegelDirect, their earnest endeavors soon bore fruit, as the company soon ballooned into a multi-million dollar company.Another top marketing professional has this to say of Marsha Kent. She has a unique in-builtmechanism to transform an ordinary-selling product into a top notch brand! she says,laughing. She can discriminate the extraordinary from the mundane, and gets cracking on thejob before others can even begin to think of what to do.When Marsha started Sylmark two decades ago, Direct Response Marketing was still in itsprimal stages. But she quickly adapted her skills and theories into making all the products thatshe helped launch, into an array of runaway successes. Her success story lies in her ability tocome out with the perfect marketing mix that can boost the product into legendary status.Marsha has the knack of inspiring her team members all the time. She strongly believes in theinherent talent and capabilities of her people, and always chooses to work as a team.Or as one company professional put it, Marsha Kent has an uncanny ability for success. She isspot on, all most all the time!he opines.Or if we may say so, Marsha Kent always has the perfect antidote To failure.