Mark Medici, AJC: Local Social

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Mark Medici's presentation in the C-Suite Roundtable at The 2013 ROUNDTABLE presented by Leap Media Solutions


  • 1. Local Social Meeting interactive consumers where they are Mark Medici Cox Newspapers

2. Local Social Content delivery audience tiers Potential Interactive Audience Potential Social Audience Current Audience Premium interactive Audience 21% of the Atlanta marketplace is 18-29 years old. Only 15% visited the past 7-days. 83% engage socially. The AJC has over 450k followers and friends yet only produces 80K visits a month 67% of all interactive consumer engage in social media. 71% of women engage with social media Currently declining in both impressions and monthly visits. Our biggest audience segment is 30-49 year olds Only 25% of 50-64 year olds visit on a past 7-day basis (only 24% to any media site) Our legacy audience we must migrate. Surprisingly, 32% of 65+ year olds engage socially. How do we include social features on the my sites? Lapsed legacy audience might not be easy to re-acquire digitally. Only 7% of 65+ year old utilize past 7-days. 3. Premium News and Information Social platforms Growing in adoption and adaptation Traditional Interactive User Experience Local Social Three products; Three unique approaches Development for our print subscriber to encourage migrationand increase perceived value $25M annual business. Downward pressure on page views. Undergoingcomplete reimagining. Incredibleadoption among 18- 29 year olds and women. Current 4. Social Local Social Three products; Three unique approaches Goal 5. The networks Local Social Social How brands are using social to aggregate audiences The social networks drive more than 25% of the interactive page views a monthglobally Brands are using social aggregation and curating platforms to capture the conversation happening around their brands 6. The networks Local Social Social Content start ups are going one step further The social networks drive more than 25% of the interactive page views a monthglobally Content companies are using social aggregation and curating platforms, pairing these platforms with small editorial staffs to create audience around topics 7. Local Social Social How can we leverage social to acquire new audiences Falcons UGA Local Hoods Local Travel Weather Food Our free site brands have great local scale. How can we leverage our brands to engage audience socially around topics we no longer scale or enhance the engagement of topics we own? 8. Topics/content live in both traditionaland social spaces. Some support each other, some live uniquely in one space. Local Social Growing social reach through traditional means maintains/reimagines content attributes to serve multipleaudiences while enhancing engagement through local relevant social topics The social platform encourages social interactionaround passionate topics without having to engage with traditional media. The consumer is in total control of what they want/how they want to engage The platform allows advertisers to play in both traditionaland social environments simultaneously