DGB Health & Safety Solutions (Est. 2011) Toolbox Talks – Manual Handling Dave Bennion BSc(Hons); Tech IOSH; SIIRSM RSP; MInstLM; CIHM; ACQI; AMIIAI; ACIEH; DipEnvNEBOSH Health & Safety , Fire Safety & Environmental Consultant 23/06/2022 1 By David Bennion ©2015

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DGB Health & Safety Solutions (Est. 2011)Toolbox Talks – Manual Handling


Health & Safety , Fire Safety & Environmental Consultant14/04/2023 By David Bennion ©2015

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Manual Handling

Why do we need to know about manual handling!

Almost 30% of injuries at work involve manual handling and not just heavy loads.

Poorly moved items today could result in suffering the consequences tomorrow – ie: back problems and mobility.

This talk will cover considerations and good techniques for correct manual handling.

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Manual HandlingWhat is manual handling?Any manual handling operation can be described as:“ The transporting or supporting of a load, including the lifting, lowering, putting down, pushing, carrying or moving, by hand or by bodily force.”

Picking up and moving a power tool, a piece of wood or a ream of paper all involve manual handling. All Manual handling is governed by the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992. Operatives have a duty to follow through and use correctly what has been provided and taught (training) to reduce their risk of injury. Manual handling tasks should be provided with a risk assessment which employers have a duty to ensure employees understand.

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Manual Handling

When moving an object from one area to another there are four principles to remember. Known as TILE

TASK – What is the risk of injury? What can be improved?

INDIVIDUAL – Does the person doing the task have a back problem, have they had training?

LOAD – heavy, light, size, shape, even or unevenly balanced, solid or liquid, fragile, sharp edges, hot or cold, difficult to move etc.

ENVIRONMENT - hot, cold, inside, outside, windy, slippy , steps to climb, uneven surfaces, blind stops, visibility, traffic movement including people. etc

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Manual Handling

Before you move an object THINK? Is there an alternative to carrying by hand ie: Fork lift truck, pallet

truck, sack cart etc. If the object is heavy could it be split ie: smaller containers, use 2 or

more people to help move the object. Team work needs to be co-ordinated with a leader.

Wear gloves and non slip shoes or safety boots (steel toe cap in workshops, warehouses, construction sites etc) ie: risk of falling.

Make sure your direction of travel is well lit and free of obstacles. Know your capabilities, only tackle jobs you can handle. Carry out a trail lift by rocking from side to side and then try lifting it a

small way to get a “feel” for it.


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Manual HandlingLifting Technique:

Tuck chin in. This keeps back as straight as possible and therefore less vulnerable.

Feet as close to load as possible, about a hip width apart, one foot slightly in front.

Bend the knees and couch down. Take a full grip, using palms, not fingertips. With elbows tucked in, straighten the legs, lifting smoothly. Carry the load forward at waist height. Change direction by turning your feet, not by twisting the truck. Put down in the same careful way and continue being careful as you

straighten up. By David Bennion ©2015

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Any Questions?

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On behalf of DGB Health & Safety

SolutionsThank you for watching!

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