Managing Social Conversations In Social Media Ses San Jose 2009

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Managing Conversations

Managing ConversationsSearch Engine Strategies, San Jose 2009

Liana Li Evans,Director of Social Media

Howd We Get Here?

Not Important Your Message

Most Important

End Users

Who Cares?

And These Are All.

New Signals To Search Engines

Whos In Your Audience?

Whos Using Social Media

Thinks Its All Generation Y?


Forrester, The Growth Of Social Technology Adoption, 2008

Different Types of Social Media

But..Theres Always a But..

Without A Strategy, Social Media Marketing Can Be a Lot Like This

Tactics in the absence of strategy is no better than doing nothing at all

Identify & Define Success

Monitoring & Measuring

Radian6 Meltwater TrackUR Techrigy Google Alerts Google Analytics Coremetrics Omniture ClickTracks

Social Medias Different

click to purchase is very rare in Social Media, so other measurement is needed

InvolvementCustomers first point of agreed upon contact.

Visit to websiteSign up for email notificationSubscribe to RSSBecame a community member

Measuring InvolvementWeb AnalyticsReferral traffic to site from social media sitesThe Other Stuff (Manual)Subscribers to email lists or RSSHow many friends/fans you have# of new community member signupsAverage # of posts per forum member

InteractionThe people like you Or maybe notConversations about youThreads in forums & message boardRequests for more informationUser Generated Content (UCG) about you

Measuring InteractionWeb Analytics & MonitoringTransactional Data They bought somethingRequested more informationConversation Data# of conversations about youSentimentThe Other Stuff (Manual)Number of comments or reviewsHow much UCG was submittedReplies to forum threads

IntimacyVisitor has an opinion based on their experience with youPost product or service reviewsBlog posts reviewsCreate UCG such as videos, photos, podcastsForums threads dedicated to youFan/Hate groups dedicated to you

Measuring IntimacyBuzz MonitoringRadian6, TechrigyRecommendation ConversationsSentimentCustomer Feedback DataThe Other Stuff (Manual)Number of comments to UCGNumber of up/down votesNumber of stars on ratingsNumber of reviews

InfluenceAudience members form an opinion based on other community membersSentiment of conversationsInteraction about youPropagation of your media

Measuring InfluenceBuzz MonitoringRadian6, MeltwaterCustomer Feedback Data (How did they hear about you?)The Other Stuff (Manual)Whos Talking About You?Technorati RankingInfluence of Community Member

Different Things to MeasureSocial News (Digg, Reddit, Mixx, Etc)Number of Votes, CommentsTraffic to Media SubmittedSocial Sharing (YouTube, Flickr, Etc)Number of Views, Ratings, Embeds, Links, FavoritesSocial NetworkingNumber of Fans, Friends, Group MembersComments on walls, postings, media

Different Things to MeasureTwitterNumber of FollowersRetweetsBlogsSubscribersComments to PostsForums & Message BoardsNumber of MembersPosts to Members, Replies to Posts

Re-Evaluate & Tweak Goals

Dont Fall In LoveIf It Doesnt Work Stop Doing It! Tim OReilly, OGI Keynote 7/21/09

SummaryUnderstand Whos In Your AudienceUnderstand What Your Audience Does in Social MediaDefine Your Goals Whats Success, Whats FailureWhat are You Going to Measure & MonitorPlan Your StrategyEvaluate, Revaluate, Tweak.. Wash Rinse .. Repeat

ContactLiana Li EvansDirector of Social MediaSerengetiCommunications.comSocial

Available Thursday: Measuring Social Media WP