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Group Project for the book Made to Stick

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  • 1.Kristin Klein Jamie Grzebielucha KristenKoppers Shawna Ferreira StaceyGonzales Brad Pitt our presentation willSTICK withyou

2. Look at the following images. Do you know the companys motto? 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. The Kidney Heist 9. By:Chip Heath & Dan Heath 10. 11. Six Principals of Sticky Ideas

  • S implicity
  • U nexpectedness
  • C oncreteness
  • C redibility
  • E motions
  • S tories

12. Why do some ideas stick? Find a way to communicate an idea, so people will listen and care! 13. 14. Write down a proverb. Write out the meaning of the proverb.