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  • 1. MachineTool Customers continually require increased precision with improved quality whilst machining more complex forms. This all demands higher technology levels and multi-function tooling to meet the demands of reduced cycle times and reduced machine setups. The need for more advanced customized tools and equipment sees TaeguTec support customers with tooling services that begin by collaborating with the machine builder to utilise the machine tools capability 100%. Industry

2. In order to facilitate demands that customers put upon machine builders, TaeguTec has global subsidiaries and distributors with dedicated tooling specialists working closely with machine tool builders to deliver continuous feedback for improving processes and productivity. TaeguTec is known for its advanced solutions for the most demanding challenges in the machine tool industry. TaeguTec offers technical support through its subsidiaries and numerous global manufacturing facilities. Global Support Total Tooling Solutions for the Machine Tool Industry2 Machine Builder Machine tool industry 3. 3 Machining Center Process Sheet 4. TaeguTec has extensive experience from working in all industry sectors with all types of material. This enables TaeguTec to provide a differentiated and diverse service from experienced Tooling & Engineering experts. TaeguTec also produces state-of-the-art metal cutting tooling solutions to meet the productivity, performance and cost reduction demands for each industry sector and individual customer. Industry Focus Total Tooling Solutions for the Machine Tool Industry4 New Machining Trend Dry Machining High Speed Machining Hard Machining Instead of Grinding Heavy-duty Machining High-Strength & Hard Work Piece Material Machining Industry solution Machine tool industry Railway Aerospace Wind power Automotive Shipbuilding Power Generation 5. 5 RequirementsAnalysis TechnicalSupport& ContinuousImprovement Industry MarketAnalysis Partnership Cost Reduction Technology Cycle General engineering Military PIPE & Bar peeling Mold & Die miniatureRoll Machining Tooling Application Engineering 6. Experienced Project Engineers that specialize in machine tools and tooling, work together with the production engineer and machine builder to meet customer investment targets for production. The TaeguTec engineers are involved in the tooling, programming, fixture interface, quality and cycle time aspects of a project. The engineers then follow this work through to trials, product quality and testing as well as technical support for the tooling project from placing the order through to the mass production stage. Providing tooling services for the Machine builder and the end user when a capital equipment investment is made. Recommending the optimum tools, fixtures and interference checks plus delivering exceptional cycle times through meetings and reviewing the scenario with the customer. TaeguTec offers a try-out service for the tooling project that supports customers. Product Testing & Technical support. Actively aims to raise productivity & cut costs after the process or project has stabilized. Customer Tooling & Service Flow Total Tooling Solutions for the Machine Tool Industry6 New projects Machine tool industry Project Inquiry Tool Simulation Approval drawing Tooling Proposal with Quotation Tooling Receiving Order ( Production Database Management) All processes are controlled by PDM Machine Information Production information Work piece drawing by PDF or CAD file Process Drawing Tool List Working condition Cycle Time Quotation 7. 7 Production Order Drawing Final ReportProduction Try-Out Continuous Technical Support To save time and achieve the best results, customers should complete a TaeguTec Enquiry Sheet. How to enquire with your new project 4. Attached Document 5. Quotation Specification (Tooling Document) 1. Work-piece Information 2. Machine Information 3. Process Information 6. Remark Tooling Inquiry Name Material Shape Cast alloyed steel Chilled cast Iron Gray Cat Iron Die Casting Forged Other Drawing No. Before After Stock mm Hardness EXISTING NEW Fixture detail Cycle Time Unit /sec Unit/sec (target Cycle Time) No. of work-piece Unit / Batch(MONTH/YEAR) Unit / Batch (MONTH/YEAR) No. of operation * If you can not request tooling inquiry on the sheet format, you may attach or comment the detailed information separately Work process(line lay-out) Material Drawing (CAD / PDF) Finished product Drawing (CAD /PDF) Jig-Fixture Drawing Quotation Tool lay-out(Approval or Concept Drawing) Time Study Other Proposal No. Proposal Date Due Date Division MCT / SPM LATHE Machine Model Spindle Taper Power (HP/KW) Max. RPM No. of Machine Coolant Customer Information Name Subsidiary or Distributor Representative person Work piece Information Name Material Drawing (CAD or PDF) Hardness Machine Information Machine Model Spindle Taper Power Maximum RPM No. of Machine Coolant Process Information Fixture detail Cycle Time No. of work piece (unit) No. of operation Asterisk ( ) marks are mandatory information to tool up the project. 8. Total Tooling Solutions for the Machine Tool Industry8 TaeguTec recently participated in a new Cylinder Head Project in association with a leading International machine builder. TaeguTec made a success of the project by working with the Machine Builder to line-up the production on a turnkey base. Example New project Success Stories Machine tool industry Cylinder Head Line Automotive Engine ( V6 3300cc & 3800cc ) Assemble ENGINE Tooling Process Sheet Trouble Shooting 9. 9 TaeguTec participated in a project with a leading International machine tool builder to produce a New Cylinder Block Line for a major automotive company International. The tooling package was applied by TaeguTecs advanced projects team. This proved a major success. Example Cylinder Block Line China Automotive Company ( 1600cc & 1800cc ) Tool List Time Chart 10. Total Tooling Solutions for the Machine Tool Industry10 The marine engine and its components are generally difficult to machine with standard cutting conditions due to the extremely large dimensions. Meeting the optimum cutting conditions with adequate rigidity and machining performance is a major challenge when processing large parts. However, TaeguTec has developed the solutions to meet the market needs. Example New project Success Stories Machine tool industry Ship Engine Block The TaeguTec tooling package for the Large Ship Engine applied advanced TaeguTec Tooling concepts that delivered excellent results. Tooling Tool List 11. 11 QuickResponseNetwork The global network of subsidiaries and distributors are servicing the issues of customers to ensure you receive remarkable service. TaeguTec is represented by sales staff, application and project engineers globally. In each country where there is no TaeguTec outlet, the company is represented by its well developed distributor network. Whenever you need to contact an engineer, the global network ensures a contact is always available. Efficient Stock Control is a part of the cost reduction activity that TaeguTec implements by delivering within one day after order confirmation is received on standard products. The service level for all products now stands at 90% - this includes special tooling. These figures are based on the exceptional logistical control the company implements. Logistics System Customer Service Phone : +82-53-760-7224 Moblie : +82-10-9518-1848 E-mail : Further information can be found on the TaeguTec website. 12. TaeguTec Global Supply Network World Headquarters TaeguTec Ltd. 1040 Gachang-ro, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu 711-865, KOREA Tel: +82-53-760-7640 Web: Argentina TaeguTec Argentina SA 11 de septiembre 4237- Piso 7 (C1429BJC) Ciudad Autnoma Buenos Aires, Argentina Tel: +54-11-4702-6222 E-mail: Australia TaeguTec Australia Pty Ltd. Unit 37, Five Ways Business Park Keysborough Close Keysborough,Vic 3173 Australia Tel: +61-3-9798-1900 E-mail: Belarus Rep. Twing-M 3/2 Klumova Str, Minsk, 220009, Republic of Belarus Tel: +375-17-506-3238 E-mail: Belgium USI-TOOLS S.P.R.L. Parc Industriel Des Hauts Sarts1 Avenue,145 4040 Herstal, Belgium Tel: +32-42-480-481 +32-475-783-204 E-mail: Brazil TaeguTec Brasil Ltda. Rua Tito, 104-Lapa-Cep 05051-000 So Paulo, Brasil Tel: +55-11-3868-6032 E-mail: Chile Cutting Tools Chile E.I.R.L. Alcalde Pedro Alarcn N 765, San Miguel, Santiago - Chile Tel: +56-2-553 6944 +56-2-552 1181 E-mail: China TaeguTec China RM 1205, Huishang Office Building, No.1286 of Minsheng RD, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China PC: 200135 Tel: +86-21-5106-1260 E-mail: Croatia Intehna Zagreb d.o.o. Susedsko polje bb, HR-10090 Zagreb-Susedgrad, Croatia Tel: + 385-1-3436-919 E-mail: intehna-zagreb@ Czech Rep. TaeguTec R s.r.o. Domalick 180a, CZ-31800 Plze, Czech Rep. Tel: +420 373 720 999 E-mail: Denmark TaeguTec Scandinavia A/S. Omgade 8, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark Tel: +45-7022-0103 E-mail: Finland Knorring OY AB Karvaamokuja 6 00380 Helsinki, Finland Tel: +358 956 041 E-mail: France Ingersoll TaeguTec France S.A.R.L 21, rue Galile F-77420 CHAMPS-sur-MARNE, France Tel: +33 (0)1 64 68 45 36 E-mail: Germany Ingersoll Werkzeuge GmbH Kalteiche Ring 21-25, D-35708, Haiger, Germany Tel: +49 2773-742 0 E-mail: Greece FG Technotools-G.& K.Fakitsas Co. 25th Martiou & Thrakis 15, 15235 Vrilissia, Athens, Greece Tel: +30-2-10-832-0752 E-mail: Hungary TaeguTec Hungary Kft. 1142 Budapest, Kassai u.151. Tel: +36-1-273-29-52 E-mail: Web