Loom Crafts Outdoor Teak Furniture 2014

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Key to Loom Craft's philosophy is the believe of providing nothing but the best, which begins from the manufacturing process itself. Loom Crafts range of products are completely designed and manufactured in India, at the head office and manufacturing unit spread over 1 lac Sq ft. which employees more than 800 indigenous craftsmen and weaves along with a team of professionals who technically innovates to induce path breaking technology and trend setting designs. The testimony to this philosophy is the fact, that Loom Crafts is the first Indian Company to manufacture all weather outdoor synthetic furniture, the only company in the world to manufacture fully upholstered all weather furniture, the sole owners of numerous patented shade systems and retractable roofing concepts as well as the pioneers of permanent exterior cladding systems in India, among many other exclusive concepts. Owning to the continuous innovations and endeavour to bring forth path breaking concepts, Loom Crafts today enjoys patronage among leading 5 star hotels, hospitality chains, premium real estate giants, prestigious corporate houses and MNC's as well as connoisseurs of fine living across India, Europe, Middle East along with other international destinations. We manufacture Outdoor Furniture, Garden Furniture, Patio Furniture, Outdoor Furniture for Hotels, Synthetic Wicker Furniture, Woven Outdoor Furniture, Wholesale Outdoor Furniture, Outdoor Umbrellas, Beach Umbrellas, Poolside Umbrellas, Prefab Structures, Prefab Homes, Pre Engineered Building, Prefabricated Buildings, Prefab Cottages, Beach Cottages, Modular Cottages, Modern Prefabricated Homes, Eco Tent Cottages, Luxury Prefab Homes, Ready Made Homes, Prefabricated Homes and Fabric Tent Cottages, Retractable Awnings, Automatic Sliding Roof, Folding Roof Systems, Motorized Roof Systems, Rolling Roof Systems.

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  • 1. Lo om Craf t sS T Y L E Y O U R L I F E S T Y L ET E A K O U T D O O R F U R N I T U R ELoom Crafts has associated the world over withoutdoor leisure furniture that strikes the highestnotes in quality and style. We are a company thatspecializes in the manufacture of Synthetic wickeroutdoor furniture to which we have now added Teakwood outdoor furniture with stainless steel andaluminium.The pages of this catalogue present our widest everchoice of contemporary and traditional designs forthe outdoor room. Our designers have combinedpleasing designs with ergonomic performance tocreate furniture that opens life outdoors to a worldof stylish possibilities.Through our commitment to produce the worldsfinest outdoor leisure furniture, we remain at theforefront of this rapidly changing industry andcontinue to demonstrate the best in design andmanufacturing expertise.Thank you for choosing Loom Crafts and be assuredthat our customer service and after care match theexcellence of our furniture. We proudly welcomeyou into the elite group of owners of our furnitureand look forward to being of service to you.armchairs seats dining tables sun loungers coffee tables chairs bar stools & tables sofa

2. Loom Crafts uses first grade plantationgrown teakwood, obtained from the mostreputable, legal source in India.With time, teak acquires a silver grey patinathat complements any outdoor setting.The high oil content of the teakwood used inour furniture enables it to withstand theharshest weather conditions with a mini-mumof maintenance. Teak is very stable andresistant to rot, which has made it the firstchoice for marine and outdoor use over thecenturies.We use two grades of stainless steel; 316Grade, commonly known as marine gradeand 304 Grade, more commonly used for gar-denfurniture.Both 316 and 304 are hardwearing and suit-ablefor use in inland locations whilst 316 isfor use in coastal areas, marine and heavilychlorinated environments, where oxidationcould be a problem.You should note that all outdoor furniture,including stainless steel, requires some main-tenance.If you have any questions or concerns aboutthe grade that is best for your area, thenplease contact your supplier or our customerservice department.For our aluminium furniture, we use virginaluminium, which means it is not reclaimedand is stronger and longer lasting as a con-sequence.We chemically clean the aluminium andthen powder-coat it to prevent oxidationand to ensure it gives long service with theminimum of maintenance.Materials 3. Like all of our products, these Arm Chairs went through numerous iterations which were relentlessly tested against all body types. Once finalized, the design was then tested in different scenarios to ensure that the chair will stand up to anything our customers needs may present and more. These Arm Chairs features relaxed proportions and an ethereal design for the best in style and comfort. When paired with a Cushion the owner can sit and relax for hours.LCOT-001D 4. LCOT-001D 5. LCOT-001D 6. LCOT-001D 7. With a low, wide stance, these lounge chair can accommodate hours of relaxation. It is the perfect vehicle for reading a book in the shade, lounging poolside or an all night conversation among friends.We approached these Lounge Chair the same way we do all of our seats through months of prototyping, testing and refinement. When accompanied by one of our sleek knife edge cushions or our thicker classic box cushion this chair perfectly exemplifies modern comfort.LCOT-001L 8. These Bar Stool is the widest, most generously proportioned modern seat currently on the market. At around 20 inches wide, it can be enjoyed by one or shared by two.A knife edge cushion is also available for these Bar Stool.LCOT-001B 9. LCOT-001B 10. Our oversized Chaise Lounge is by far the most highly engineered piece within this Collection. The seating surface is comprised of forty four hand-picked boards, each of which are individually planed, sanded and finished by hand in our studio. The outer frame and backrest support is cut, machined and hand polished before being welded together by our craftsmen. We also CNC machine all of the aluminum parts, including the wheel assembly and backrest position-set in our studio before being sent to our local powder coater.With four adjustable positions including flat, these Chaise is accommodating whether you are reading, sleeping or enjoying a refreshing poolside drink. Utilizing a low stance, a very generous width, and the type of sophisticated restraint you would expect from a modern classic, these Chaise Lounge can be enjoyed for hours and admired for decades.LCOT-001S 11. LCOT-001S 12. LCOT-001S 13. LCOT-002D 14. LCOT-002D 15. LCOT-002D 16. LCOT-002D 17. LCOT-002L 18. LCOT-002L 19. LCOT-002S 20. LCOT-002S 21. LCOT-003D 22. LCOT-003D 23. LCOT-004D 24. LCOT-004B 25. LCOT-004BLCOT-004D 26. LCOT-005D 27. LCOT-005D 28. LCOT-005B 29. LCOT-005S 30. LCOT-005S 31. LCOT-006D 32. LCOT-006D 33. LCOT-006L 34. LCOT-006S 35. LCOT-007D 36. LCOT-007DLCOT-007S 37. LCOT-008D 38. LCOT-008D 39. LCOT-008L 40. LCOT-008L 41. LCOT-009D 42. LCOT-009L 43. LCOT-010D 44. LCOT-010L 45. LCOT-010S 46. LCOT-011S 47. LCOT-011S 48. LCOT-012S 49. LCOT-013S 50. Loom CraftsSTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLEwww.loomcrafts.com | info@loomcrafts.com