Location Based Social Network Services (LBS) in China

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This presentation explores the Chinese location based platforms being used such as foursquare and Jiepang. It provides an overview of the services and how they aid marketers trying to promote products, services and companies using social media.

Text of Location Based Social Network Services (LBS) in China

  • Location Based Social Network Services in China sinotechgroup.com.cn | @sinotechgroup
  • Chinese Social Media Fast Facts Up to June, 2010, the number of net citizens in China has reached 420 million The number of mobile net citizens in China has reached 277 million The weekly online time of net citizens is 19.8 hours The number of net citizens who use social networking websites has reached 210 million. There have been 34.55 million newly-added users in the first half of 2010. 26th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China (July, 2010) sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • Marketers Location Based Social Networking Services (LBSNS) helps the users to establish wider and closer relationship with the outside world and intensifies the relevance between social networking and geographical location. leverage Location Based SNS sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • Examples of Location Based Social Network Services Western Examples Chinese Examples sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • Mostly, they work in a similar way: Users check-in when they get to How do these a location and earn badges, points, recognition and rewards if LBSNS generally offered at that location work? Tag friends youre with so they can be part of your update Discover others who else also checked into this location in the past and who may be currently there sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • What are the common elements? Common Elements Address/Venue Check in & Points Promotion Friends Tips & Comments Additional Elements Venue Photo Create your own badge feature Sort tips/comments by City Venue Ranking sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • A look at the Chinese LBSNS http://wwere.l99.com/ http://www.bedo.cn/ http://jiepang.com/ http://www.mogutuan.com/ http://www.duolequ.cn/ sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • Marketers should leverage Location Based SNS sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 10 Ways for Marketers to use Location Based SNS sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • Tip #1 Venues get created by individual members and can be missing Claim your information, or be inaccurate. Claiming a venue allows brands to update venues venue information, give the company access to extra data and provide special offers. sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • Tip #2 Brands can benet by rewarding rst time check-ins to encourage new customers to visit locations. While Offer First most brands are focused on rewarding repeat customers, there is an Check-In opportunity to reward rst time customers. Promotions sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • Tip #3 Many Foursquare/Jiepang users are also using Twitter/Sina. When you click on their prole, drill into their Follow your micro-blogging accounts and be sure Visitors to follow them. If they reciprocate, you have another way to get your news and information in front of them. sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • While some of your social media savvy Tip #4 customers will check-in and adopt LBSNS platforms, a majority dont even know it exists. Therefore, its Market your important to promote foursquare/ Jiepang deals and specials to your Participation customer base to increase participation. sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • Tip #5 Although the percentage of visitors using Location Based SNS is relatively small, having users check-in, and Promote Check- share that check-in virally is a powerful Ins marketing tool. Encourage each check-in to be broadcast to that users on Sina, Douban, renren (and Twitter and Facebook account if they have a VPN). sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • Tip #6 One of the easiest ways to get started in LBSNS is to utilize the Tips. For example, a user who checks into a coffee shop can get a Tip saying Be Utilise Tips sure to check out the newest green tea frapochino. This helps to influence and drive traffic to point of sale conversions. sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • Tip #7 Use LBSNS to identify your most loyal customers and encourage them to Identify your spread the word. Offer specials targeted at Landlords, Mayors or Inuencers individuals who have a high number check-ins over a specied period of time. sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • Tip #8 Develop a loyalty system for repeat customers. For example, every 10th check in gets a free small coffee or 5% Reward Loyalty discount on a purchase. Starbucks recently offered a dollar off to mayors of the various Starbucks venues. sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • Tip #9 Because of the viral nature of social media its important that your audience can access your companys Mirror your information through several channels. Venue(s) on Many multi-location venues typically have one Facebook or renren Fan SNS Page. Think about a main corporate page and multiple local pages. Publish relevant info to one or both. sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • Offer specials to mayors/landlords or everyday visitors and even specify Tip #10 how many check-ins are required to achieve a special. In order to do this you need to claim your venue (see Offer a Special point 1.) In foursquare, a new special will include a Special Icon next to the venue when it is listed in search results. sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 6 Ideas for Location Based SNS Specials 1. Reserved parking spot for the Mayor 2. Escalating rewards for checking in and bringing more friends along 3. The Mayor gets a free pass to the front of the line. 4. Free bottle of wine during the week of your birthday worth your age in dollars 5. Free round of shots for the Mayor and ve friends 6. Free hotel room upgrade for the Mayor sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • Final Thoughts In China, the percentage of those using LBSNS is very small but like the micro-blogging platforms of recent years, we can also expect to see an explosion in LBSNS usage. Retail, media and entertainment outlets really seem to be the rst adapters of location based SNS. Many marketers will ask, why does this matter? It matters because of engagement and being where your customers are, when they are. With the explosion of smart phones and 3G networks, consumers will be using their mobile devices like never before. Staying connected in the mobile social space is a huge part of that and brands that can gure out how to be involved by adding value, but not being in the way, will be the big winners. Moving forward, the savvy marketers are going to add location-based services like Foursquare & Jiepang to their social arsenal that already includes the basics such as Facebook, Twitter, Youku, Sina and corporate blogs. sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • Thank you Dr Mathew McDougall | @sinotechian sinotechgroup.com.cn | @sinotechgroup sinotechgroup.com.cn