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Deliver your messages either live or pre-recorded, live webcast your product launches, conferences, seminars, and other events on the internet and also on leading mobile devices and reach a wide base of audience worldwide. We introduce you to the real world virtually with advanced technological functionalities through the patented live webcasting software.Visit Our Website :


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2. Streaming Media Service Provider in indiaStreaming multimedia that is constantlyreceived by and presented to an end-user while being delivered by a streamingprovider. With streaming, the client browser orplug-in can start displaying the data before theentire file has been transmitted. 3. Streaming MediaThe name refers to the deliverymethod of the medium rather thanto the medium itself. Thedistinction is usually applied tomedia that are distributed overtelecommunications networks, asmost other delivery systems areeither inherently streaming 4. Live Video StreamingRadio, Televisionor inherently nonstreaming books, videocassettesaudio CD. The verb "to stream" is alsoderived from this term, meaning to delivermedia in this manner. Internet television isa commonly streamed medium. Streamingmedia can be something else other thanvideo and audio. Live closedcaptioning and stock tickers are consideredstreaming text 5. Video stream your events from anywhere to end numberof participants. Generate more visual excitement from your existingwebsite and its services. Encourage your community participation in your websitethrough streaming services. Watch a streaming video as simple as you watchtelevision. 6. VMukti Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Vmukti House Aryans Corporate Park,Nr. Shilaj Crossing,Thaltej,Ahmedabad - 380 064Gujarat, India.Telephone: +91-968-777-0000contact@vmukti.com