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Leveling Up with Video [Speaking at Wordcamp 2011]

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Text of Leveling Up with Video [Speaking at Wordcamp 2011]

1. Leveling Up Your Blog with Video Willo OBrien :: 2. Hello, fellow Twitter geeks @WilloToons #WCSF 3. This slide played the WilloToons Connect Trailer Watch it by visiting: 4. Recording Video 5. Hit Record! Photobooth iMovie Flip Point & shoot camera iPhone/cell phone Record it straight to YouTube 6. Syndication & Distribution 7. Customization 8. Custom Post Type 9. Embedding Video (Visual vs HTML) 10. [embed width="624" height="351"] [/embed] [embed width="500" height="375"] photos/willotoons/6040229278 [/embed] 11. 12. Monetization 13. Increase Sales Educate your buyers or clients Give them a better sense of the product Provide a story behind the product Bring credibility and personality to your brand Dynamic content 14. Have fun with it! Willo OBrien ::

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