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Leadership, Ingenuity, and Technology Interaction: Accelerators of Innovation

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Text of Leadership, Ingenuity, and Technology Interaction: Accelerators of Innovation

Leadership in the Interactive AgeLeadership, Ingenuity, and Technology Interaction: Accelerators of Innovation
Part 7
Paul Schumann
Look for potential props and set design for this series
Go to UT video and film library
Introductions & Announcements
Last Program
This Program
Ingenuity and Leadership
Establishing Innovation Strategies
Gary Epple, HaL
Poem - happiness, Shipley, p190
Innovation Endows Resources With a New Capacity to Create Wealth, or it Creates a New Resource
Innovation is the Result of the Implementation of New Ideas
Innovation is the Way of Turning Ingenuity Into Realities
Plug Innovate!
Ingenuity, Technology and Innovation
Individuals or Teams Interact With the Environment in Which They Live and Work
With Each Other and the Organization’s Resources Within a Culture and Community
With Customers, Competitors and External Technologies
With the Team’s and Organization’s Stakeholders
Learn and Integrate the Principles of Innovation
Gain Skill in the Tools and Techniques of Innovation
Teach and Mentor Others on Your Team
Vision &
Customers Needs
Competitive Responses
Technological Capabilities
Provides a Bridge from Present to Future State
Is a Future State That Does Not Exist and Never Existed Before
Bridges Between the Market, Stakeholders and Team
Sustainable Through Other Changes
Think About How You Add Value to Others
Make it Useful for Decisions
State in the Present Tense
Create Excitement
Keep Your Eye On the Prize
Restate in a Thousand Different Ways
Transfer Crisis Into Opportunity
Incorporate Diversity of Opinion
Deliver at the Appropriate Quality Level
Continuously Change
Self Assessment
Competitive Analysis
Stakeholder Analysis
Problem Solving
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