Leadership and the Great Life - Designing Mission, Vision and Goals That Inspire

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In addition to some great tools, this presentation has some great suggestions for inspirational songs.... A precursor to my book Reboot Your Life - available in fine bookstores everywhere (well just Amazon). Learn how to get what you want out of life - while listening to the top-ten most inspirational songs!


  • 1. Leadership and the Great Life! IAAP May 18th 2013

2. Being the Author Why are those college years (18-22) so much fun? Although relationships enrich (define) our lives, they can become our lives if not careful Although our job is one of the main way we express ourselves, it can stifle growth if you let it As we progress, habits turns our untraveled path into a well-worn one, and possibly into a deep rut 3. Goals a Miracle Story Goals in a drawer How they work 4. Gibbons-isms Most people drastically overestimate what they can do in a day and dramatically underestimate what they can do in a decade with vision and persistence Leadership (of your life) demands taking the long view 5. Boxes of Life LEISURE LEISURELEARNINGLEARNINGWORKLEARNING WORKWORK 16 - 22LEISURE23 - 6060 - 99 6. Values Who am I? What matters most? Leadership (of your life) comes from knowing what you care most about and stoking the fires of that passion! 7. Values Exercise Cross off the ones that do not apply They are all worthy values but are they YOU? Distil down to 15 by making choices What could I never live without? Distil down to 5 If I asked a friend, what would I be desperate for them to say? 8. Some inspirationBlackJourneyWhen everyone is done, we will take about 3 minutes each way and share with your neighbor - dont just give them the list - what matters is WHY this matters to you 9. Where should I focus? All humans share certain concerns: Work that which dignifies us and our contribution to the world Family our legacy for the next generations Community the relationship which we nurture and which nurture us Spirituality how we connect with bigger ideas Leisure play, relaxation Hobbies/ crafts activities done for their own sake Learning how we expand our ability to contribute 10. Areas of focus exercise Specific to you not hobbies but golf or quilting You may cross out liberally we are looking for 8 12 Learning = enrichment. If you arent active, this is a big should. You can add care for grandma There may be areas in which you have never participated, but which would enrich you Culture? Politics? Music appreciation? Travel There may be areas which are now dead: Used to play piano until 30, used to love it life is worse without it There may be same-old same-old areas vacations always the same drive to grandmas What if you invested creativity here? 11. Some inspiration Take 15m to do this use creativity, imagination and be ruthlessly honest with yourselfTalk, TalkColdplayR Kelly 12. Vision The more vivid the picture you have of your great life, the more you will be able to enlist the support of others and the more motivated you will be Draw a rich picture of what a great life looks likeJimmy CliffColdplayU2 13. What is a great goal? Specific not get better at golf, shoot 85, not take a family vacation, see Hawaii Stretch/ comfortComfort zone Panic/ stress/ failureStretch zone 14. What is a next action? The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (Confucius) One phone call, one internet search, one conversation, five minutes brainstorming/ planning 15. Set your goals!The VerveSnow PatrolGurus talk about business leaders setting Big Hairy Audacious Goals, but having clear work and non-work goals is at the heart of the extraordinary life. 16. Co-coaching? Spend five minutes each way Stretching your partners goals Supporting you go, girl! 17. Go ye forth! Sounds of Blackness Review these weekly, quarterly or how often you can manage. The race goes not to the swiftest, but the surest. Jordan missed 9000 shots, 26 game winners! Failing isnt falling down, it is staying down! 18. Paul Gibbons www.paulgibbons.net paul@paulgibbons.net