Massages In Kauai We specialize in providing the best Therapeutic Massage and Acupuncture on Island. Our unique service provides a variety of options for the Kauai resident or

Kauai Couples Massage

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Massages In KauaiWe specialize in providing the best Therapeutic Massage and Acupuncture on Island. Our unique service provides a variety of options for the Kauai resident or traveler.

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Kauai Couples Massage

Massages In Kauai

Kauai Massage

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Relax and rejuvenate next to your loved one at the same time. Our highly skilled therapists will perform a simultaneous couples massage, so you can enjoy the experience together. Enjoy a relaxed setting where you and your partner can relish the luxury of a massage, and know that you are in good hands. Therapists will set up two tables next to each other, so you can both feel the energy of your massage experience in the same room at the same time! Enjoy the power of our Kauai Couples Massage in your space or ours!

If you have children, or your schedules do not allow for simultaneous massage, we offer consecutive massages as well. This means that one of our therapists can come to you and give you your massage back to back of one another. You can still enjoy the feeling of receiving a massage in the same day, while being able to take care of your children, or fulfilling your engagements.

Your hotel, condo, vacation rental is the perfect setting for a Kauai couples massage, so you don’t even have to drive following your session. Knowing you can just continue to enjoy your personal setting, allows you deeply relax into the comfort of your own space.

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KAUAI COUPLES MASSAGEIf you are celebrating a wedding, anniversary, on your honeymoon, or just simply on vacation, our therapists will celebrate with you as you receive your delightful treatment. We are happy to accommodate your special occasion in any way possible. Your Kauai couples massage is a wonderful way to revel in the joy of your vacation!

This spectacular experience feels like a retreat for the both of you, as our skilled therapists will discuss with you exactly what you are looking for in your session. You can receive the same treatment, or chose different treatments as desired. We can accommodate any variety of styles and pressures as each person likes. Please check out our other services, for an idea of the style of massage in which you prefer. Some things are best done together, why not try a Kauai couples massage!

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MASSAGES IN KAUAIElevate’s cedar beach side cabana is literally a stones throw from the ocean, on the north end of Kapaa town. Listen to the sounds of waves rolling in, while the trade winds blow over you. Experiencing a massage, in a protected natural environment, is hard to beat! We accommodate up to three guests in the same scheduled treatment. See what others have said about their beach side treatments on Yelp and Trip Advisor. Our cedar beach side cabana sessions are the best value on island.

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Looking for an even more controlled environment or a change of scenery? Elevate’s mountain studio location is seven minutes out of Kapaa town, in the mountains of Kapahi. The mountain location is a totally enclosed for maximum privacy and environmental control. A beautiful studio dedicated for single / couples massage or wellness treatments. An outdoor shower is available to rinse off if your coming straight from the beach. This incredible, indoor space, captures the essence of Zen Hawaiian living. We can accommodate up to three guests with advance notice.

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KAUAI MASSAGEWant an amazing session in the comfort of your own home or vacation accommodation? Yes we do that too! Imagine getting off the table in the comfort of your space. Guests love feeling completely rejuvenated, with no need to travel. Sit back, relax and let the work you just received soak deeply into your core. As long as you offer a relaxing space, with enough room to provide exceptional service, we look forward to seeing you at your location. Suggested 3 day pre-booking for best availability and desired time. Mobile services offered Hanalei to Poipu.

Your convenience is important to us as we make your Kauai spa experience the best you’ve ever had. Elevate Wellness understands you’ve worked hard for your vacation or weekend, and it is time to be catered to. Book your custom-made session online today.

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Elevate Wellness is a professional service developed to help both the residents and the visitors of Kauai and beyond. Angela understands the need to offer trustworthy, educated and responsible practitioners for her clientele. She prides herself in working with only the most practiced and intellectual professionals on island, to offer a powerful experience for those in need of care.

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KAUAI MASSAGEIf we had to narrow it down… in the spirit of Hawaiian culture, our most popular treatment is a 90 Min LomiLomi Couples Massage Beach Side. Guests enjoy a beach side experience while participating in a massage style that originated in ancient Hawaii. Want to learn more about Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage?

Any massage style we offer (lomilomi, custom, deep tissue, pre-natal, thai, shiatsu, structural, sports and massage cupping) can be combined in to a couples massage. We can do simultaneous couples massage or consecutive (back to back) massage.

We also offer large families/groups or corporate massage on Kauai and will offer a discount for multiple treatments.Each massage is custom-made to your needs. Please let us know what you are in need of, and we will accommodate you and your requirements.