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Create 1,00,000 more jobs in India in Domestic environment Provide more business opportunity for the people

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  • 1. JR Consulting Services New Innovative & Integrated Consulting Venture Created By Raghunathan Janarthanan

2. Motivation For this new venture Create 1,00,000 more jobs In India Providing More Business Opportunity Promoting Entrepreneurship across the country Integrating the services & sectors Create the resources for better process Identifying the specialist and experts 3. About the services for Customer Support Updates, Job requirement, specialists, events and project details , business opportunity Customer Service Project service , Industrial , Engineering , Healthcare, Investment, Educational, Training, Research, Software, Agricultural & Farming, Innovation & technology services. 4. Memberships Users Premium, Gold and Basic Consultant Freelancers Business Project Service Advertiser Free Membership 5. Services - I Innovation & Technology Services Research Services Entrepreneurial Services Educational Services Training Services Software Services Agricultural & Farming Services Payment Services 6. Services - II Projects Services Healthcare services Investments Services Travel & tourism Services Organic Industry services Engineering & Construction services Pollution control services Industrial Services Recruitment and Manpower Services 7. Services - III Ticket Booking Movie, Travel & Shows Shopping Online, Direct or Tele Advertisement, Promotion and Offers Restaurant, Catering and Food Delivery Matrimonial, Marriage and Functions Conference, Meeting, Events & Parties Exhibition, Educational & Career Fair Networking, Communities and Associations 8. Innovation & Technology Services Innovative Services Modern schools STEM Careers Scheduling & Routing technology Idea and Patent Services Invention, Discoveries and Innovation Networking 9. Innovative Services Online Table Booking In Restaurant Online Parking Lot Booking In Shopping area Home Food Delivery System In Office Catering Services at IT campus, Industries, Public & Private sector , Schools & Universities Content Design for Students & Processionals Online Agriculture, Farming & Organic Product Production, Purchase and Sales Online / Mobile shopping At Nearest Store 10. Research Services Research in school, Universities, For Entrepreneurs, Public and private sectors Market Research 11. Projects Services Preparing the List of projects Creating new project as per the market Trend and demand 12. Entrepreneurial Services Tech business Small business Innovative business Service business Alternative Methodology business 13. Educational Services Higher Studies Support Educational Tour Additional Courses Abroad Education Educational Loan Support Scholarship Support Software courses 14. Training Services Career Oriented Training Corporate Training Training for Students Industrial Training Software Training Online Training Self employment Training Sports, Dance, Music and Fitness Training 15. Career Oriented Training Call Centre, Tech Support, Tele & Online support Marketing & Sales Training Project, Proposal, Procurement Management Engineering Piping, HVAC, MEP, Fire & Safety Design 3D Design & 2D Design Software Software & Hardware - Mobile Application, Web Design, Content Design, Multimedia, Games, Application Development and Net working training 16. Software Services Software Development Web Design Mobile Application Development Content design 17. Agricultural Services Paddy, Sugar Cane, all Grains, vegetable, Fruits, Flowers, Herbs & Medicinal Plants and Seasonal Crops 18. Farming Services Organic Poultry farming Meat Goat Farming Meat Rabbit Farming Fish Farming Organic Dairy farming 19. Healthcare services Health insurance Hospital details Labs Doctors Details Specialist Information 20. Investments Services Insurance, Savings Real-estate Advance banking 21. Travel & tourism Services Resourcing by transport, Food, accommodation and Healthcare Tour Plan Route maps Travel support Travel Insurance 22. Organic Industry services Organic foods Organic clothing Organic farming Organic Medicine Organic Fertilizers Organic recipes 23. Engineering & Construction and services Renewable Energy- Infrastructure - Power Process - Water technology - Equipment manufacturing Cad Solutions 24. Pollution control services Dust collecting Waste management Carbon management Air, Water & Atmospheric Pollution Control 25. Recruitment & Manpower Services Recruiting for all sectors Manpower services for all sectors 26. Importance Create More Jobs in all the sectors Innovative Business and Projects Fulfilling the Customer Needs Continuous Research and Development Identifying new area of services Focus on Market Trend and Demand Enhancing the Methodology Supporting the Customers by information 27. For Suggestion & Feedback Suggestion, Feedback, Comments and new ideas are most invited Investment and Technical support are expected for staring the venture. If Interested kindly contact me by mail Contact Details raghunathan.contact@gmail.com +91960015426