John Dalzell - Waterfront Auckland - International Case Study: Waterfront Auckland

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John Dalzell delivered the presentation at the 2014 Future of Infrastructure Conference. The Future of Infrastructure forum explored state and national challenges which impact the long term economic growth and future of infrastructure development in Australia at this time. It also addressed the latest proposals for changes within Australia's infrastructure. For more information about the event, please visit:

Text of John Dalzell - Waterfront Auckland - International Case Study: Waterfront Auckland

  • 1. An Auckland Council Organisation Transforming Aucklands waterfront John Dalzell, Chief Executive, Waterfront Auckland August 2014 The Future of Infrastructure

2. The journey of successful urban revitalisation 3. Auckland city of sails 4. Original shoreline 5. Opening up the waterfront 6. The waterfront vision 7. 2004-10 Sea + City Projects 2010/2013 2014 + Waterfront Auckland Waterfront Auckland Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 8. A reason to revitalise 9. Auckland rediscovers its waterfront Projects 2008-10: Jellicoe Street North Wharf Silo Park Viaduct Events Centre Wynyard Crossing Sustainability features: Rain garden network Wetlands Green roof Sustainable building Pedestrian links 5 star green building Heating/cooling system 10. Super City amalgamation Rodney Waitakere North Shore Auckland Franklin Manukau Papakura Auckland 11. 2004-10 2010/2012 2013 + Sea + City Projects Waterfront Auckland Waterfront Auckland Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 12. Influence and public ownership Waterfront Auckland area of public ownership Waterfront Auckland area of influence 13. A new Planning Framework 14. 2008/9 2010/2013 2014 + Organisation: Waterfront Auckland Planning: Auckland Plan 2012 Waterfront Plan 2012 Sustainable Development Framework 2013 Wynyard Central Sustainability Standards Projects: Daldy Street North Auckland Theatre design Westhaven Promenade design and construction underway Queens Wharf/Shed 10 ASB Headquarters Organisation: Sea + City Projects Ltd Planning: Urban Design Framework 2007 Sustainable Development Framework 2009 Plan change process Projects: Jellicoe Street North Wharf Silo Park Viaduct Events Centre Wynyard Crossing Organisation: Waterfront Auckland Tools: Wynyard Quarter Green Star Custom Tool ISCA Pilot Smart Precinct Projects: Wynyard Central residential and commercial development Hotel Street Upgrades Marine buildings Public spaces Tools to guide the way 15. The Waterfront Plan 16. Waterfront goals 17. Waterfront Plan key projects 1. Waterfront-wide walkway & cycleway 2. Upgraded Harbour Bridge park 3. Westhaven marine village 4. Marina land and water space development 5. St Marys Bay open space 6. Improved water quality 7. Road improvements on Westhaven Drive 8. Wynyard Quarter urban regeneration 9. Headland Park 10. Signature public building 11. Wynyard yacht basin 12. Vos and Brijs heritage slipway 13. Wynyard Wharf ferry terminal 14. Team New Zealand base 15. Fishing industry waterspace 16. Superyacht refit facility 17. Daldy Linear Park 18. Innovation precinct 19. Waterfront transit to Britomart 20. Urban boulevard 21. Greening of Waitemata Plaza 22. Harbour Edge Stitch 23. Halsey Street Wharf extension 24. Voyager NZ Maritime Museum entrance 25. Queens Wharf public space and cruise facility 26. Passenger ferry terminal improvements 27. Harbour Edge Stitch (Quay Street and Admiralty Steps) 28. Laneways 29. TEAL Park 30. Quay Park Quarter urban regeneration 18. Community engagement 19. We use many different ways of communicating 20. and along the way try to be innovative 21. A public space must focus on people and engage with the community 22. to involve, engage and endear 23. Delivering on the Waterfront Plan Phase 2 Projects 2010/2012: Daldy Street North Auckland Theatre design Westhaven Promenade Queens Wharf/Shed 10 Sustainability features: Raingarden network, reuse of materials and locally sourced plants, LED lighting Renewable energy PV solar array Reuse of character building 24. Leveraging the Public Investment to Date $156$132 Wynyard Quarter Investment to June 2012 ($m, actual) Council Investment Private Investment $441 $1,435 Wynyard Quarter Investment to June 2022 ($m, planned) Council Investment Private Investment 25. Moving to a more sustainable model 26. Sustainable Development Framework 27. Delivering on the SDF 28. ADAPTION TO CHANGE 29. Building greater resilience North Wharf Shows king tide level below wharf structure, 2014 30. Westhaven marina Shows king tide level at tidal (rock) wall, 2014 Sea level rise 31. Westhaven marina Shows king tide level at western edge, 2014 Storm surge 32. EXEMPLAR PROJECTS 33. New public spaces JELLICOE STREET PRECINCT As it was JELLICOE STREET PRECINCT on opening day 34. New waterfront promenade and restaurants 35. The first private sector-led commercial development 36. New public infrastructure and walkways Silo Park Jellicoe Street 37. Jellicoe Street Integrating public and private investment 38. New Linear Park Daldy Street 39. Shed 10 Adaptive re-use and refurbishment 40. Lysaght Building Adaptive re-use and refurbishment 41. SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT 42. Moving to a 70:30 mode share 43. Re-adjusting to a balance across all modes 44. Investing in walking and cycleways 45. RENEWABLE ENERGY 46. The Smart Precinct vision Data is collected from a range of sources: Sensors and meters gather real-time performance Integration with external datasets Feedback from users of the space An organisation aggregates that data and translates it to useful information: To communicate progress To improve performance To foster innovation To inform design Information is presented to multiple audiences via multiple devices: Detailed reporting for WA and Council Smartphone apps for residents & workers Street signage and website for general public Data used for research and development, etc Building s Energy Water Thermal Environment Rain gardens Local climate Water quality Public spaces Pedestrians Waste Noise levels Transport Parking Vehicle counts Public transport 47. Establishing a pilot project Shed 10 solar array 48. Renewable energy 49. HIGH PERFORMANCE GREEN BUILDINGS 50. Showcasing Wynyard Central 51. Partnership parameters Obligations Development objectives Reference designs Design guidelines Enforceable sustainability standards Precinct rules Community infrastructure policy Housing policy Enhancements Six star commercial developments Residential development reaches stretch targets A living building challenge exemplar project NZ engineered timber construction Eco-precinct initiatives Enhancements to community infrastructure Control of ground floor activation 52. New commercial space 53. New commercial accommodation 54. Diverse residential options 55. including medium and lower rise residential accommodation 56. that also incorporates entry level price options 57. that integrates with infrastructure funded by Auckland Council 58. New public space delivered in partnership 59. Thank you