Jackie Jimenez - Social Media Day Miami 2014 Presentation - Instagram and Pinterest

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Jackie Jimenez, The Innovative Consultant, speaks at Social Media Day Miami 2014. Actionable Social Media with Instagram and Pinterest: Getting a Return on Your Investment How to Integrate Your Social Media Marketing Strategy to Convert Supporters into Sales on Your Website Learn: -How to drive traffic to websites through Instagram and Pinterest -The do's and don'ts of Instagram -Why Pinterest is a fast growing platform to drive more sales online -The different types of campaigns already happening on social media, and why you're missing out -Which brands are making money through Instagram and Pinterest, and how you can too http://theinnovativeconsultant.com


<ul><li>1.Actionable Social Media: Visual Stories through Instagram and Pinterest #SMDAYMIA </li></ul> <p>2. #SMDayMIA Tell me a Story... 3. #SMDAYMIA About Jackie Jimenez Innovate WP WordPress Training Program - LiveNinja Partner Magenta Couture WordCamp Miami, Orlando &amp; Raleigh Speaker Provides Integrated Marketing Services Runs on Dunkin, Music &amp; Dark Chocolate Jackie Jimenez Marketing Strategist 4. #SMDayMIA Im Not Saying Youre a Gold Digger... 5. The Numbers 200 Million Monthly Active Users 75 Million Daily 34% of Teens and Millenials Use It 14-34 y/o #SMDayMIA @jackiej04 The Numbers 70 Million Users 95% Women 22% of Americans are at least using it on monthly basis (June 2014) 93% on mobile Instagram and Pinterest Source 6. #SMDayMIA Wish You Were an Instagram Baller... 7. #SMDAYMIA Timely Posts Get Attention Instagram.com/ExpressRunway 8. #SMDAYMIA Use Hashtags: Timely Instagram.com/ExpressRunway 9. #SMDAYMIA Announce Sales!! Hunkydory on Instagram 10. #SMDAYMIA Tricks Up Their Sleeves Instagram.com/allwhaatyouwant 11. #SMDAYMIA Company Moments Erickson Beamon Official 12. #SMDayMIA Pinterest: Gotta Start Somewhere 13. #SMDAYMIA Pin from Your Website Hunkydory.com Product Page 14. #SMDAYMIA Send to Mobile Site Pura Lopez Mobile 15. #SMDAYMIA Image: Include Description Tiger Leash UKs Premier Fashion Agency &amp; Distributor 16. #SMDAYMIA Integrate Platforms! Mashable 17. #SMDAYMIA Be Creative TheDesignWork.com 18. Integrating with WordPress #SMDAYMIA 19. Pinterest -Pin It Button -Pinterest Pinboard Widget -Pinterest RSS Widget Source Instagram -Instagram Slider Widget -Simple Instagram -Instagram Badges -Social Count Plus WordPress Plugin #SMDAYMIA 20. STORE OPENING Boca Raton and Online - MagentaCouture.com #SMDAYMIA MAGENTA COUTURE 21. Thank You for attending @jackiej04 TheInnovativeConsultant InnovateWP </p>


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