Is Development Of Virtual Reality Games The Next Frontier To Conquer?

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  1. 1. Article2: Is Development Of Virtual Reality Games The Next Frontier To Conquer? 3D gaming systems which the late gamers control their in-game avatars with body movement, are one of the most hyped trends in the world of virtual reality games and with availability of gadgets like Morpheus from Sony or Samsung Gear VR gamers from all over the world, one can certainly expect for more exciting times. This particular technology aims at plunging the player wearing a VR headset into a 3D virtual world that is incredibly life like. Samsung is using Oculus Rift virtual reality technology in their Samsung Gear VR headset which has been already introduced to the market. On the other hand Sony project Morpheus that was revealed to the world during GDC15 is still in a prototype state. But according to Sony, the device is basically ready on the hardware side and they are actually pretty close to the final product. As Sony is planning to make Morpheus available in the market anytime next year, virtual reality headsets from both the companies will be then available in the market. But the manufacturers consider that success or failure of these products will be more dependent on the games created for them than on the virtual reality headset itself as a device. Focusing on delivering the best from the world of virtual reality these headsets have already come a long way but they are still to deliver something that people have always imagined but surely they are very close to their goals. Sony project Morpheus was introduced by the company as the future of gaming on PlayStation gaming consoles and the Sony PlayStation 4 was actually designed with the Project Morpheus headgear allowing both the devices to be tracked at the same time. The primary goal of Sonys VR headset is to make gamers feel like they are really inside the game. At the same time, both the companies accept that there are still some technical issues those must be resolved before the headsets are ready for consumer use. Great content is considered as the factor determining the success and failure of both the products, as without real attractive content these devices are practically useless. This is because without compelling games it will be really difficult to attract the consumers and before these products hit the market, games compatible with them need to be ready. No doubt the headsets are the most advanced deices for delivering great virtual reality experience but they will be depending upon the content developers for games for providing their users with the most extraordinary experience. This is also going to be a new challenge for the game developers as they are now required to learn to develop games for the virtual world. Both the companies also staged some early demos of their technology and virtual reality games and it was seen that the games available with the Project Morpheus are less bloody and also tamer than the Oculus Rift games. Creating a balance between the expectation of the hardware developers and the creativity of the game developers for the virtual world has also become more important now. If you want to know more about these devices and the technology working behind them you can visit About The Company is about the latest virtual reality and augmented reality trend news and reviews! They serve you the latest news and trend about the Virtual Reality industry.


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