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Instagram delivers opportunities for event planners

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Text of Instagram delivers opportunities for event planners

  1. 1. Instagram Delivers Opportunities for Event Planners Presented by Veloxity
  2. 2. A strong Instagram presence can help event planners with promotion.
  3. 3. Event Check-in Systems Instagram has become the top choice for online photo and video sharing. Its easy, fast and totally in the palm of your hand. Plus, its a great way to create buzz, laughs and maybe even some embarrassment (well not really) at events.
  4. 4. Event Check-in Systems If used correctly, Instagram can be a powerful tool for event planners. Engaging attendees in every possible way always helps to boost ROI, and following a few simple guidelines can ensure successful social-media integration.
  5. 5. Event Check-in SystemsSeeing as Instagram is a photo-sharing app, the obvious first step is to capture photos that are relevant, timely and have a bit of a wow-factor. Take pictures of impressive booths, popular (or not so well-known) attendees, the event facilities a well thought-out visual presence can go a long way.
  6. 6. Event Check-in SystemsEqually important is the act of creating hashtags for your event. Using these hashtags encourages attendees to share their own pictures and videos, leading to increased interactivity. Its also a simple, effective solution for maintaining your visual content in one easy- to-find location. A hashtag goes a long way and stays with the event for life.
  7. 7. Event Check-in Systems Interacting with attendees posts makes them feel like theyre making vital contributions to the event. Any conference will go more smoothly when attendees are reminded that their opinions hold value.
  8. 8. Event Check-in Systems The photo-sharing phenomena of Instagram can be much bigger than the tiny screen of a mobile smartphone. There are a ton of web apps (aka websites) that can show photos from Instagram in an auto-advanced slide- show fashion: show instagram photos with a #hashtag in real-time like a slideshow
  9. 9. Event Check-in Systems display live Instagram slideshows for events onto a large screen Instagram Slideshows for Your Parties & Events
  10. 10. Event Check-in Systems an interactive installation fed by Instagram and Twitter. Its hashtag based, moderated and updated by users in real time.
  11. 11. Event Check-in Systems Live Instagram Slideshow for your event based on your hashtag
  12. 12. Event Check-in Systems Display live Instagram slideshows for any event that would benefit from social media exposure
  13. 13. Event Check-in Systems a real-time social media feed perfectly formatted for your screen for Instagram photos and Twitter updates (tweets) with #hashtag
  14. 14. Event Check-in Systems Display and Embed any Social Feeds on your website
  15. 15. Event Check-in Systems With the demand for mobile data use constantly escalating, another must-have for any event or conference is a Veloxity cell phone charging kiosk. After all, no one can participate in your social-media presence if their devices battery dies.

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