Innovation: it's about the rocket, not the apple

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Innovation does not look like Newton and his apple. It looks more like Van Braun and his rockets. Innovation is a continuous process of trial and error. Failing and failing fast is the message. Learn about how to install an innovation culture in your company

Text of Innovation: it's about the rocket, not the apple

  • Innovation: its about the rocket, not the apple Joke Dehond, CEO
  • 10 July 2014 2 35 employees 5 milion turnover Innovative from day 1 Own software that helps organizations worldwide create, deliver and manage customer communications
  • Why is innovation important to us? Challenger Underdog Only way to distinguish ourselves
  • 10 July 2014 4 Innovation: What people think it looks like
  • 10 July 2014 5 and what it really looks like
  • It all starts with the team .
  • Belbin A mix of different types of people with an open mindset is necessary
  • Involve stakeholders Talk to the (future) customer Inner Circle Roadmap sharing Feature requests
  • 10 July 2014 9
  • The hardest decisions are what to leave out, not what to put in
  • Innovation also requires a process
  • At Inventive Designers: 6 IWT O&O Projects 5 accepted, 2 additional projects for protection of IP 1 not accept In the process of two international patent applications
  • 10 July 2014 13 Be relevant No one is looking for innovation
  • If its not working out: Kill your darlings
  • More info? Contact me: 10 July 2014