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  • 1. Next >> R Previous Next THE BUSINESS VaLUE OF TECHNOLOGy May 2011 Previous Next Previous Next Previous Next Plus OpenFlow: Networkings transformative tech >> Download Who and what to watch from the leading edge of IT >> Cloud buyers, know thy risks >> Dose of reality about consumerization >> Subscribe
  • 2. Global CIO Previous NextIN THIS ISSUEBest of Interop >>The consumerization effect >> Get Real About The Consumerization Of IT JONATHAN FELDMANKnow clouds weak spots >> IT executives, industry analysts, and others get it, but theyre vastly outnumbered by their makes me think its going to be an ongoing is-Peek into OpenFlows lab >> speaking at an Interop roundtable on the con- staff members, who dont necessarily get it yet. sue. An attendee said the cloud might force sumerization of IT generally agreed that both CIOs must take the time to educate staff in IT to at least look at data that needs protec- business unit leaders and end users are provi- what consumerization is, why its not going tion. Indeed. sioning their own applications. However, one away, and how it may even make their lives The discussion quickly moved to security. En- analyst didnt see it that way: Are you seri- easier and better. What if IT pros could actually terprise security model changes might include ous? he asked. Are users even capable of pro- focus on business problems and apps instead layering, risk mitigation, and segregating and visioning their own apps? of spending so much time on infrastructure? dividing data. Find out what really matters and I think they are. With Millennialsthose tech- During a discussion of the risks of consumer secure that, one attendee said, implying that devices and cloud computing adoption, I men- in this brave new world, perhaps not everything Maybe IT should chill out a bit tioned the helicopter parent comparison we can be fully secured. It might be as much about used in our recent Trifecta Of Change: 2011 End risk acceptance as risk management. and be open to accepting some User Device Survey InformationWeek Analytics I found the discussion about acceptable use risk when business owners say report. The question was: Does IT actually elim- policies excellent. One analyst spoke of helping the benefits are huge. inate risk with its smothering control, like a hel- craft policies for companies that let employees icopter parent, and can IT ever eliminate risk? use their own consumer devices to handle com- nology natives now entering the workplace Maybe IT should chill out a bit and be open to pany data but also give employers the right to its not surprising that someone who gets hired accepting some risk when business owners say wipe that data and remotely monitor the per- in marketing or sales might be able to config- the benefits are huge. sonal device. If you take this approach, run it by ure an application. Web apps arent rocket sci- The group also discussed whether qualifica- your attorneys and make sure to get individual ence. Its not as if these folks are doing devops. tion criteria for sensitive documents is practi- employees to sign off. Consumerization is banging down the door cal. That is, can data be classified in such a way of IT, but IT isnt always answering. When are that inappropriate data isnt shared outside of Jonathan Feldman is director of IT services for a rapidly CIOs going to get it? one vendor wondered in the organization? There wasnt a tremendous growing city in North Carolina. You can write to us at a side conversation. Well, the CIOs I talk with do amount of consensus on this point, which May 2011 2
  • 3. Quicktakes Previous NextIN THIS ISSUEBest of Interop >>The consumerization effect >> RISK EXPOSUREKnow clouds weak spots >>Peek into OpenFlows lab >> Customers Must Understand Cloud Weak Points Amazon Web Services recent outage was a panel moderator David Berlind, chief content of- much discussed topic in the hallways, meeting ficer for UBM TechWeb, InformationWeeks par- rooms, and watering holes of Interop 2011. ent company. It covers only the running in- Its like an airplane crash. Its very bad because a lot of people are hit hard. But youre actually stances, not related services, though Amazon did credit customers for the outage, which [ Berlind (left) Crosby, Rowland, and Schroepfer dissect the risks safer in an airplane than in a car, said Simon lasted three days for some, by offering 10 days Randy Rowland, senior VP of product devel- Crosby, Citrix Systems CTO for data center and of free service in EC2. opment at Terremark, now part of Verizon Busi- cloud, speaking at a panel discussion. Broadly For websites such as Groupon and Reddit ness, said cloud customers should negotiateGet This And speaking, you are better off in the cloud. .com, is that really enough? Berlind asked. the SLAs they need with their cloud suppliers.All Our Reports Where people make a mistake with the cloud The damage caused by the outage to an We define the SLA up front to meet a com-Become an InformationWeek is thinking its anything other than standard IT e-commerce site has to be balanced against the panys goals, he said. Terremark and suppliersAnalytics subscriber and get our infrastructure. A lot of people think its magic, benefits the site gains in the cloud, Schroepfer such as Savvis arent known as low-price sup-full report on the 2011 state ofthe data center. said panelist Andy Schroepfer, VP of enterprise said. Most sites do five times their normal busi- pliers. They provide assigned account man-This report includes 25 charts of strategy at Rackspace, an infrastructure-as-a- ness at the year-end holidays. By being located

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