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All Indian Carpets - All Indian carpets is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of handknotted carpets and handtufted carpets in India. Valued for artistic accomplishment and intricate craftsmanship or Hand made carpets, our carpets are exported worldwide to upscale furniture stores and rug dealers.


  • 1. Indian Carpets | Best Carpets | Carpet Collection | Carpet Store RSS Feed Jai Meera Maa Trading Centre is one of the leading Manufacturers & Exporters of hand-made and machine made carpets and rugs. We are having large variety of Woolen carpets,Persian Carpet, Homemade carpets and homemade rugs. We are also dealing with curtains and blankets. Each of these Decorative handmade and machine made rugs and carpets have been drafted into categories like Woolen carpets, Persian Carpets, Kashmiri carpets, Gabby carpets, shaggy carpet, Wool silk carpet, tufted carpet, hand knotted carpet, Nepali carpets etc. Jai Meera Maa Trading Centre was established by Mr. Ganesh Prasad Mishra in Jan, 2013. Since then, his philosophy of creating beautiful carpets by using finest raw materialshas brought the company to the forefront of the Indian carpets and rug industry. Main Branch of Jai Meera Maa Trading Centre is located in Uttar Pradesh. (Jai Meera Maa Trading Centre, Maryad Patti, Near Pooja Carpet, Main Road, Bhadohi, UP) Jai Meera Maa Trading Centre is having its two branches all over India. First branch is located in Calcutta and second one is in the Jaipur (Shop No. B2/24, Gandhi Path, Near Pratap Stadium, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur). Our carpets and rugs, curtains and blankets provide extra ordinary level of comfort and satisfaction. We use our high quality raw material to design our all products. Thus, our comprehensive range of designs ensures that there is something for everyone!We are top in the list of companies imparting the best quality, blankets and curtains.

2. These carpets, Blankets, curtains and rugs are procured from the certified manufacturer who uses premium quality of raw materials in the entire manufacturing process. Our quality carpets are widely acknowledged for their stain, soil, odor, static-resistant, versatile camouflage and long- lasting nature. Carpets which are designed by Jai Meera Maa rading Centre, is high in demand for decoration purposes in household and commercial establishments. Clients can avail best quality carpets, rugs, blankets and curtains in different colours and materials. We can even provide customized carpets attain maximum customer satisfaction. Jai Meera Maa Trading Centre is supplying its carpets, rugs, blankets and curtains to several vendors in India as well as out of india. for more information are this contact number 9983709146.