Incorporating Visual Communication in Technical Documentation, for Usability!

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  • 1. IncorporatingVisual Communicationin Technical Documentationfor Usability!

2. Visual Communication 3. WRITING 4. Making the Strange FAMILIAR 5. VISUAL THINKING 6. Visual Communication transcends the border between print and digital texts 7. MULTILITERACIES 8. VISUAL VERBAL 9. VERBALVISUAL 10. Word and Image 11. the intimate interplay of words and images 12. VISUAL VERBAL 13. dominated by visual rather thanoral or textual media 14. LANGUAGES 15. LITERACIES 16. MULTILITERATE COMMUNICATORS 17. assume greater responsibility for DESIGN 18. a foundation in the visual 19. VISUAL LITERACY 20. eyesight is a visual language 21. IS NOT INTUITIVE 22. LEARNEDAND PRACTICED 23. LEXICENTRIC world view 24. We think in ways we have learned to TALK 25. Most of our students have learned to talkas we havein verbal language,not in visual language, and, in turn,they think verbally,not visually 26. MULTIPLEMODESOF 27. M OVERLAPSULTIPLEMODESOF 28. DISTINCT cognitive modes that are interconnected and comparable in their complexity 29. Scott McCloud 30. a languageALL ITS OWN 31. to HUMANIZE the process 32. USABILITY 33. the combination of narrative, character,and graphic designhelps communicate a complicated subjectin a way that iscompelling andeasy to understand. 34. helped people understand them andresulted in a more concisecommunication of the concepts 35. TOO LONG? 36. comic art is a serious subject for information developers 37. engaged with product-related information 38. we should look to the comic asan opportunity that we can no longer ignore 39. Short two-to-three-minute video tutorials can beyour most powerful form of documentation. 40. VISUALLY LITERATE 41. previously not the responsibility of the tech writer 42. we can no longer consider [them] to be readersin the traditional sense of the word 43. USERS 44. VISUAL LITERACY 45. not the exclusive reserve of artists 46. USER RESEARCH 47. Localization! 48. Further ReadingJournal of Business and Technical CommunicationJournal of Technical Writing and CommunicationJohnson, Tom.Id Rather Be Writinghttp://idratherbewriting.comUXmatterswww.uxmatters.comKimball, Miles A., and Ann R. Hawkins.Document Design: A Guide for Technical CommunicatorsMcCloud, Scott.Understanding Comics: The Invisible ArtSturken, Marita, and Lisa Cartwright.Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture


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