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AJ Gerritson, Founding Partner at 451 Marketing, discusses the basics of social media in this webinar hosted by IHAF.


  • 1. Part I:Social Media 101

2. AJ GerritsonFounding Partner 617.986.0224 aj@451marketing.com linkedin.com/in/ajgerritson @ajgerritsonwww.451Marketing.com 3. Agenda Defining Social Media Review of Major Tools and Goals Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Blog Social Media Best Practices Q&A 4. What is Social Media? 5. Communication is Changing 6. of people say that they trustpeer recommendationswhat has changed is where they gettheir recommendations (Qualmann, Socialnomics, 2010) 7. of marketers use social media for business (Qualmann, Socialnomics, 2010) 8. Why Should OurBrand Use SocialMedia? 9. Demonstrate Value Users See Youas Reliable, Responsive, Intelligent 10. Increase Sales, Loyalty andAwareness 11. Gauge Your Audience:The New, Digital Focus Group 12. Today Well Cover Four Major Tools 13. Social Tools ExplainedIm eating a #doughnutI like doughnuts and doughnut-eating groupsI have doughnut-eating skills andexpertiseThese are my opinions and expertiseon doughnuts Using Doughnuts 14. (Im eating a #doughnut) 15. January 15, 2009 16. > 200 Million Accounts91%of active userspolled follow a brand7.8 million brandrecommendations each month 39% of companies have acquired new customers using Twitter 17. Goals for Using Twitter: 1. Engage Current Fans & Increase Awareness 2. Increase Traffic to Website 3. Customer Service 4. Marketing/Competitive Research 18. Anatomy of a Tweet Handle Credit the Source Content@451HeatCheck out our latest blog post by @maxesilver"Not -So-Quiet Riot: Why Bostons #RubyRiotWas a Success" http://ow.ly/4Zn3D Link#Hashtag 140 Characters 19. What is a #Hashtag?Twitter users use the # symbol,called a hashtag, to mark keywordsor topics in a tweet.Hashtags help to categorize the content and context of Twitter messages. 20. Trending Topics(Often comprised of #hashtags) 21. Twitter Interactions Question @Reply Retweet With Context Content 22. Opportunity to Extend Your Brand 23. Proven Ways to Get More Followers1. Show who you are a complete bio2. Stop talking about yourself dont be that guy at the cocktail party3. Identify yourself authoritatively4. Avoid negativity - like sadness, aggression, negative emotions and feelings, and morbid comments (Dan Zarella, HubSpot) 24. Who Should You Follow? People you want to engage with: Customers Potential customers People in your industry: Competitors Partners Industry influencers 25. (I like doughnuts and doughnut-eating groups) 26. Over 800 Million Users (if it were a country, it would be the 3rd most populated)51%of Facebook fans morelikely to buy from a41%company theyof companies using Facebookhave acquired new customersfrom it40%of users 35 yearsor older 27. Goals for Using Facebook: 1. Branding and Loyalty 2. Increase Fans & Awareness 3. Sales (sometimes) 4. Customer Service 28. Anatomy of a FB PostAuthorContentLinkPicture 250Characters 29. Opportunity to Extend Your Brand 30. (I have doughnut-eating skills and expertise) 31. Over 131 MillionMembers (a new member joins every second)>880,000 groups43 years old/ $107,000 annual incomeWomen42%Men58% 32. Goals for Using LinkedIn: 1. Network with Potential Clients 2. Build Profile and Network in Your Industry 3. Showcase Brand, Products, Thought Leaders 33. Optimize Profile 34. Engage in Community AJ Gerritson 35. Leverage Groups 36. Set Alerts 37. (These are my opinions and expertise on doughnuts) 38. Companies With a57%have acquired a customerthrough their blog 55% more web traffic70%more leads 39. Goals for Using a Blog: 1. Increase Brand Awareness 2. Increase Traffic to Website, Online Visibility 3. Establish Brand/Corporate Figures as ThoughtLeaders 4. Show Personality 40. Central place for content creation, establishingvoice, and positioning thought leaders 41. Opportunity to Extend Your Brand 42. Leverage Thought Leaders 43. Social Media Best Practice 44. Listen 45. WHAT are people saying about your brand or product/services?WHERE are people discussing your brand or products/services?WHO is discussing your brandonline? 46. Also Listen ForIndustry CompetitorsNews #TrendingTopics 47. Establish Your Voice 48. Depending on your brand, your voicecan take on different toneConversational/Casual News Source/Formal 49. Show Brand Personality 50. Ask 51. Respond 52. Reward 53. Champion Your Stakeholders 54. Use Your Tools 55. Questions? 56. Founded in 2004 Based in Boston 30 Communications Professionals Partners Nicholas Lowe,AJ Gerritson, and Tom Lee Named a 2011 57. AJ GerritsonFounding Partner 617.986.0224 aj@451marketing.com linkedin.com/in/ajgerritson @ajgerritsonwww.451Marketing.com 58. Part II:Developing a Social Media StrategyThursday, March 22nd