Ideation and marketing innovation

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  • IdeationIs idea a complex item?

  • Whats ideation?

    Ideation simply means generating ideas.

    The basics of generating ideas is the same in many fields.

    Idea in business means that something distinctive will take place in the world.

    The more idea is brilliant and attractive, the more users use it.

    Notice that many people dont like change, and fear about it, its an exhausting battle to pitch an idea and attract users to it.

  • Here we are at a critical problem!!

    How can I generate an idea that gets heard!

  • 1. Know your audience

    Know two things about your audience:

    1. They are busy.

    2. They are a lot of ideas on the same topic, and most of them are bad or traditional.

    As a result

    They want to listen to a great idea more than you might think.

  • 2. Consider your idea in its simplest form.

    3. Dont re-invite the wheel.

    Note that it dont mean that any applied idea isnt applicable again, but it means that you should put your touch in the application.

    4. Prepare yourself not your idea.

    Choose the most fit time.

    5. Dont deceive the audiences.

    Simply youll lose your credibility, and on the other hand you wont get any benifit.

  • 6. Define the scope of the idea.

    The bigger container contains more.

    How can I asses the scope of my idea?

    1. The more features and functions the idea consists of, the bigger its.

    2. Different targeted audiences lead to a wider idea.

    3. Allot of services your idea offers means that your idea is bigger.

    7. Offer an idea which audiences in a miss dead to.

    Your idea should add a value to the audience, and not only a value, but also add a value which they need.

  • Idea pitching

  • Strategies for making a great idea pitch

    1. One-word pitch: Birell!

    2. The question pitch

    Dont use this technique with all ideas, use it only when you guarantee that your audiences are agree with you, but you need a stronger way to let them tied with your idea.

    3. The-rhyming pitch.

    4. The subject-line pitch: In only one sentence.

    5. Twitter pitch.

    6. The Pixar pitch.

  • Steps for making a perfect pitch

    1. Less is always more.

    2. Never hypothesize. Execute , execute, execute.

    3. Leave the hockey sticks on the ice.

    4. Learn to leave discount stores Being cheep.

    5. Rome wasnt built in a day. Your business wont be either.

    6. Choose not to be the smartest person in the room: Know what you know, and what you dont know, and who know what you dont.

  • Innovation

  • Difference between innovation and creativity


    Creativity refers to the ability to come up with new ideas, and the ability to think widely.


    Whereas innovation is the ability to make creative ideas turn into reality so as to achieve successful performance.

    Quiz How creative are you.

  • The phases of technological change

    Whats the link between the technology and ideas!!

    Invention = ideation.



  • Diffusion of innovation

    Technology S-Curve.

    Simple S-Curve.

  • Diffusion of innovation cont.

    Accumulated S-Curve.

  • Technology innovation cycles

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