Idea Engines and how they changed our world

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Presentation at Upsalla Creativity Day March 2nd 2009


<ul><li> 1. A short history of idea engines and how they change our world Tudor Rickards, Upsalla Creativity Day,March 2 nd2009</li></ul> <p> 2. Proposition:Ideas change the world 3. Engines, machines and ideas To understandidea engines andidea machines we have to understandthe nature ofall engines and machines 4. Machines are systemsdesigned to carry out labour-saving tasks efficiently If an engine is the ghost in the machine An idea engine is the ghost in an idea machine 5. An early world-changing idea engine: Cuneiform script enables record-keeping 6. Wind Power as Idea Engines 7. A great Swedish idea engine Carolus Linnaeus,father of plant taxonomy 8. A famous scientific idea engine 9. A recent world changing Idea engine 10. Structured approaches to creativity J H McPherson Arthur Koestler 11. Morphology for utilizing spare capacity (Sweden)From Richie, T., 2002, 12. Creative Analysis Creativity may be deliberately fostered through techniques(idea engines)such as morphological analysis,lateral thinking, or brainstorming 13. Creative analysis as an explanation of how creativity techniques support creativity Technique (trial 1) Operational procedures Technique (trial 2) Conceptual principles 14. An Idea Engine for Research Questions Problem as given Operational procedures Problem as understood Conceptual principles 15. Social Networking:An Emerging Idea Engine 16. The Manchester Business SchoolDBA (Doctoral) ProgrammeThe Mersey Care Health Trust Creativity, Culture and Well-being project Current projects at MBS Peter Kawalek (Public sector Networks) 17. Into the future The wisdom of the great man .. The wisdom of the crowd .. The wisdom ofthe ecosphere 18. To go more deeply </p>


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